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This is a quiz about South Park.

  • 1
    Let's start off easy: Who created South Park?
  • 2
    Another easy one: How was South Park started?
  • 3
    What is Kenny's birthday?
    What is Kenny's birthday?

  • 4
    What was Kyle Broflovski's most recently stated weight?
  • 5
    How did Kenny die in the episode 'Kenny Dies'?
  • 6
    Which character swears at the highest rate?

  • 7
    Who voices Butters Stotch?
  • 8
    How many times has Kenny died?
  • 9
    Before becoming Princess Kenny, who is Kenny playing as in the 'Ass of Fire' trilogy?
  • 10
    In the episode 'Tweek VS Craig' how much does Craig weigh?

  • 11
    What is Ike Broflovski's middle name?
  • 12
    In South Park, what religion is first allowed into Heaven, before the episode 'Best Friends Forever'?
  • 13
    South Park's image of God is a mix of what animals?
  • 14
    How old is Shelly Marsh?
  • 15
    Who is Kenny McCormick's sister?
  • 16
    Who has the biggest criminal record in South Park?

  • 17
    How many times has Stan Marsh been grounded?
  • 18
    Which was the first episode to be animated by computer, instead of cardboard cut outs?
  • 19
    In the Hungarian dub of the episode 'Volcano', Scuzzlebutt's leg is made up with which celebrity? (Instead of Patrick Duffy)
  • 20
    South Park has been renewed to which season (so far)?

  • 21
    What game are the kids playing at the start of the episode 'The Ungroundable'?
  • 22
    Which was the last episode to be released in SD (Standard Definition)? The episodes after were released only in HD (High Definition)
  • 23
    What colour are Cartman's eyes? (Think back to the episode 'The Succubus')
  • 24
    In the episode 'Britney's New Look' who was the next celebrity up for harvest?
  • 25
    How long does it take to make one South Park episode?
  • 26
    Which South Park pairing has become (technically) Canon, as stated on the official South Park Studios website?

  • 27
    If you pre-order South Park: The Fractured But Whole, what do you get with it?
  • 28
    In the episode 'It Hits the Fan' how many times is the word 'Shit' said?
  • 29
    Which episode caused the creators the most regret before it aired? (After seeing the ratings and reviews, they got a lot happier.)
  • 30
    Which episode of South Park nearly got sued by a popular celebrity?

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