Spirited Away Quiz
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Spirited Away Quiz

Welcome to the Spirited Away quiz! I hope that you've seen this excellent movie...because if you haven't, you're going to have trouble with this quiz...

Question 1:   What color is the mane that runs down Haku's back when he is in dragon form?

Question 2:   What is No-face's first unlucky victim?
A dragon
A worker
A man
A woman
A frog

Question 3:   Why does Haku go into convulsions before he turns back into a human?
He swallowed a cursed seal
He was injured by the blades of the ceiling fan
He had been injured by the paper birds
He had almost drowned
He had gotten into a fight with the river spirit

Question 4:   When the stink spirit is bathing, what is sticking out of his side that Chihiro grabs?
A bamboo fishing rod
A rusted steel bar
A bicycle's handlebar
The bone of a dragon
A wooden pole

Question 5:   What does Chihiro stomp on in the boiler room that makes her hair stand on end?
A black snake
A black worm
A black caterpillar
A black slug
A black spider

Question 6:   How does Haku communicate in dragon form?
He doesn't

Question 7:   How does Haku express contentment in dragon form?
He doesn't

Question 8:   Where is No-face when he makes his first appearance?
The bath-house
The train
The balcony
The bridge
The garden

Question 9:   What animal does Ubaba's baby turn into?
A gray kitten
A gray mouse
A gray mole
A gray bird
A gray fox

Question 10:   How many bodyless heads are there?

Question 11:   What do the bodyless heads masquerade as?
A snake
A young dragon
Ubaba's baby
A raven
A white wolf

Question 12:   What does Haku in dragon form break in order to get into the boiler room after being badly injured by the paper birds?
The ceiling fan
The fireplace
The furnaces
The filing cabinets
The floor

Question 13:   What does No-face's "gold" turn out to be?
Black rocks
Yellow rocks
Yellow dirt
Black dirt
Yellow snow (haha)

Question 14:   What does Chihiro's friends give to her as a gift?
A headband
A bracelet
A necklace
A hair tie
Yellow snow (haha just kidding)

Question 15:   When Chihiro's parents turn into pigs, what does her father get smacked in the face with?
A spatula
A flyswatter
A tennis racket
A paddle
Yellow snow (okay, so the yellow snow joke is getting old...)

Question 16:   What color is the hair of Chihiro's mother?
She has no hair

Question 17:   What must Chihiro do to avoid being seen when she crosses the Bridge with Haku in human form?
Keep silent
Hold her breath
Don't speak
Don't cry
Don't cough

Question 18:   Final Question: What does Chihiro do when she first sees her new school?
Bursts into tears
Groans and throws her flowers
Ignores it
Pretends to go to sleep
Sticks her tongue out at it

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