Sponge Bob Square Pants: Fanatic Quiz!
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Sponge Bob Square Pants: Fanatic Quiz!

If you've watched the same episodes over and over again and thought to yourself 'Where is this taking me?' Then Have No Fear! This quiz will prove you actually know something....

Question 1:How does SpongeBob draw a perfect circle in Squidward's Art Class?
Use a compass
Have Squidward help him
Calculate the Circumphrence of the paper
He doesn't...
Draw an elaborate head then start erasing

Question 2:What Rock band performs the music background for the 'pre-Hibernation' episode?
Led Zepplin
Black Sabbath
Blink- 182

Question 3:Who does SpongeBob quote after running up a 90 degree angled road trying to get back to Bikini Bottom in 'Rock Bottom'?
His Mom
His Sister
Mr. Crabs
His Grandpa

Question 4:What snack bar does SpongeBob try to get out of the vending machine in 'Rock Bottom'?
Kelp Nugget Deluxe
Sea Weed Crisp
Plankton Surprise
Blue Lagoon Bar
Kelp Nuget Crunch

Question 5:What colors are the lines on SpongeBob's socks?
There are no lines on his socks....
Red and Blue

Question 6:What is Patrick hiding in his secret box?
A piece of pocket lint
A ticket to the Zoo
A peanut
A cookie
A string

Question 7:How many times has SpongBob failed his boating test?
12 times
37....okay 38 times
2 times
42 times
21 times

Question 8:In what order are the toppings put on a Crabby Patty?
Bun, Lettuce, Patty, Pickles, Ketchup and Mustard, Top bun
Bun, Patty, Lettuce Pickles, Ketchup and Mustard, Top bun
Bun, Shoe, Mustard, Patty, Pickles, Ketchup, Top Bun
Bun, Pickels, Patty, Mustard and Ketchup, Lettuce, Top Bun
Bun, Mustard and Ketchup, Pickels, Top Bun

Question 9:What does Squidward want most in the whole wide ocean?
A new clarinet
Shoes for all his tentacles
To move away
To learn how to blow bubbles

Question 10:What makes an under-water creature fancy?
Having lots of money
Owning his/her own fast food place
Wearing pants
Holding his pinky finger high in the air
Living under a rock

Question 11:When Patrick is trying to copy SpongeBob, how does SpongeBob end Mary Had A Little Lamb to try and throw Patrick off?
And every where that Gary went the shoes were sure to follow!!
Mary had a little CLAM!
Who's Fleece was white as Pickle Fish Lips!
Mary had some Jellyfish Jam...
Who's fleece was white as Sea Weed Salt!

Question 12:What's so special about SpongeBob's Grandma's Sweaters?
They have a picture of the owner on them
There's love in the stitches
They're from the world above the water
They smell like cheese
They can't be stained

Question 13:What does the Acorn Patch on Sandy's Suit stand for?
Her being a squirrel
Her favorite food
What she misses most about Texas
Her middle name
Her being an excellent climber

Question 14:What does P.O.O.P. stand for?
People Order Our Patties
Patrick Owns Old Pantyhose
Pearl Opened Our Place
Peanuts Only Open Peepholes
Patrick Opened Olive Pickels

Question 15:What are Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy..Uh Hum...I mean MAN..doing now?
Still fighting crime
Opening local hardware stores
Flipping Burgers the Krusty Krab
They're retired
Training Other Super Heros

This Quiz has been designed by Liz Zappe.