Cowboy Bebop
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Cowboy Bebop

You're not as big of a fan as you think you are!

Question 1:What is the name of Spike's ship.
The Bebop
The Swordfish II
The Redtail
The Hammerhead

Question 2:What's Jet's old girlfriend's name?

Question 3:What are the three things Spike hates the most?
Kids, old ladies, and mustard
Mustard, dogs, and babies
Kids, animals, and women with attitude
Kids, books, and work

Question 4:Where did Faye meet Spike?
On accident at a gambling casino
In a bar
On Mars
In Annie's store

Question 5:Which Character was put in deep-freeze sleep?

Question 6:Which session did Ed first appear?
session 4
Session 9
Session 11
session 2

Question 7:Who was thought to be the leader of Scratch?
Dr. Lordess

Question 8:What is the real name of the Heavy medal Queen?
Veronica Taylor
Selma Woods
Victoria Terpsichore
Vinessa Timeland

Question 9:In session 4 which "son" was Twinkle Maria Murdock going to punish?

Question 10:After Faye stole money from Spike and Jet in session 3, how did they meet up again in session 4?
Spike saved her from gambling debts
Jet contacted her and asked if she would join the crew
Faye followed them to their next bounty head
Faye's ship was out of fuel and bebop found it.

Question 11:What was Jet's remark when Spike asked if it was okay that Faye was using their shower?
" Yes, of course!"
" No way Jose!"
"Don't ask me."
" I don't know and i have no opinion."

Question 12:What is the name of the show for bounty hunters?
Bounty Time
The Big Shot
Grab Your guns
Hit the road

Question 13:Who was the person who unfroze and named Faye?
Doctor Lordess
Doctor Baccus

Question 14:When Jet went to look for "Radical Edward" what were some of the adjectives people used to describe "him"?
"Extremely smart hacker"
"One very dangerous man"
"Seven foot basketball playing dragqueen alien"
"A crazy environmentalist type"

Question 15:Why did Spike go to fight Vicious after Faye begged him not to?
To find out if he was really alive
Because he hated Vicious
He had to get revenge for Julia
He didn't want to hear Faye wine anymore

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