Think You're A Cowboy Bebop Expert?
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Think You're A Cowboy Bebop Expert?

Test your Bebop skill! If you think you know everything about Cowboy Bebop, go ahead and prove your worthiness.

Question 1:Okay, let's start with the easy stuff. How many Sessions are there in the Cowboy Bebop series?

Question 2:What is the name of the bloody-eye dealer in Asteroid Blues?
Esimov Soleneson
Asimauve Soleson
Ashimov Solensan
Asimove Soleneson
Asimov Solensan

Question 3:What is Gren's full name?
Grenchia Mars Guo Elijah Eckener
Grencia Guo Mars Eliiah Eckener
Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener
Grencia Mars Guo Eliiah Eckener
Grenchia Mars Elijah Eckiner

Question 4:In Session 8: Waltz for Venus, what are the names of the three terrorists on the shuttle at the beginning of the episode?
Maury, Tory, and Laury
Ricky, Nicky, and Mickey
Louie, Huey, and Dewey
Denny, Penny, and Kenny

Question 5:In Session 4: Gateway Shuffle, what is the name of the "environmentalist" group?
Sea Rat Fighters
Sea Rat Warriors
Space Fighters
Space Warers
Space Warriors

Question 6:What are the two sessions that don't have "The Real Folk Blues" as the ending song?
12, 28
13, 18
12, 26
13, 26

Question 7:What is the name of the series' director?
Shinishiro Watasabi
Shinichiro Wananabe
Shinisiro Wantabe
Shinichiro Wantanabe
Shinichiro Watanabe

Question 8:What is the only episode that does not have "Tank!" as the opening theme?
The Real Folk Blues Part Two
Asteroid Blues
The Real Folk Blues Part Three
What are you talking about, you insane freak? It's in all of them!

Question 9:Which of these is NEVER said by Ed?
"All is fair in love and war!"
"Ein, you're a cow-bark-bark!"
"Play ball!"
"Ahh, it's Faye-Faye!"
"Disappointed and sad!"

Question 10:Ed names the satellite in Jamming with Edward "MPU" because...
"'s like CPU, only neater!"
"'s like CPU, only better!"
"'s like CPU, but neater!"
"'s like CPU, only cooler!"

Question 11:In My Funny Valentine, why does Faye get angry when she sees the blonde bounty-head that Jet caught?
She was engaged to him and he ran away.
He was her boyfriend and he cheated on her.
He is her brother
He 'died' and left her all of his debt.

Question 12:What is special about Spike's eyes?
He has better than 20/20 vision
He can make them look in different directions
One can see the past
One is green and one is brown

Question 13:What is the name of Jet's old girlfriend?

Question 14:What does Ed say her full name is?
Edward Wong Pipilu Tiverucky IV
Edward Wrong Hou Pepeli Tivruksy V
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
Edwardo Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tlvrusky IV

Question 15:What is Ed's REAL name?
Frances, duh!
Franklicous [mmm tasty]
It's Edward, stoopid.

Question 16:Where is Faye when she regains her memory?
In the bathtub
In the shower
In her spacecraft

Question 17:What is the spaceship Doohan uses in Wild Horses?
El Dorado
Swordfish 1

Question 18:In Session 20: Pierrot Le Fou, what is "Mad Pierrot"'s also known as?

Question 19:What is the name of Andy's brand of soup?
Son of a Gun Soup
Hay Is For Horses Soup
Spurs and Guns Soup

Question 20:Why did Spike and Vicious turn on each other?
Vicious shot Spike when he saw him with Julia
Vicious killed Mao Yenrai
Lin died protecting Vicious
They were in love with Julia, who left Vicious for Spike.

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