Sponge Bob Square Pants Quiz
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Sponge Bob Square Pants Quiz

How well do you know Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Question 1:When Sponge Bob puts the Sun Screen on his nose what does Larry think he is?
A Doctor
Larry's Lost Twin
A Life Guard

Question 2:Why does Sponge Bob make a bubble buddy?
Because he doesn't like Patrick.
Because Sandy told him to.
Because his friends are doing other things.

Question 3:Why doesn't Squidward want to have his picture on the Employee of the Month wall?
Because he has bad hair.
Because he doesn't have a good picture of himself.
Because he thinks it's the wall of Shame.

Question 4:Why does Gary like Patrick so much?
Because he is nicer the Sponge Bob.
Because he’s in love with Patrick.
Because he has a lolly pop.

Question 5:When Sandy tries to kill the snake what does she really do?
Jump off a cliff.
Hate Spongebob.
Tie the snake's tongue in a knot.

Question 6:Why does Mr. Crabs not want Patrick and Sponge Bob to play on the hooks?
Because they are his.
Because they could get caught.
Because they could get poked.

Question 7:What does Mr. Crabs want to do with the JellyFish?
Make Jelly for the Crabby Pattys.
Kill Them all.
Make them shock Sponge Bob.

Question 8:What does Patrick live in?
In a tree.
In a Pineapple
Under a Rock.

Question 9:What is Mr. Crabs Daughter?
A Crab
A Whale
A Bear

Question 10:Who does Pearl go to her Prom with?
Sponge Bob

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