Spongebob Quiz
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Spongebob Quiz

How well do you know the hit TV show Spongebob? We will see. These are some of the toughest questions around.

Question 1:What is Spongebob's correct birthdate and year?
July 15, 1986
July 13, 1986
July 17, 1986
July 17, 1987
July 14, 1986

Question 2:The original name of "The Paper" was...
Lemonade Out Of Lemons
Pizza Out of Ice-Cream
The Candy Paper
Paper Fun
Lemons Out of Lemonade

Question 3:The original name of "Mermade Man and Barnicle Boy" was...
Less or Words
Less or Nothing
Words or Nothing
Less than Nothing
Words or Less

Question 4:Mr. Krabs birthday is..
November 31, 1942
November 30, 1943
November 31, 1943
November 30, 1942
November 32, 1942

Question 5:The Krusty Krab used to be a..
Retirement Home named the Krusty Rusty Krab
Retirement Home named the Old Folks Place
Retirement Home named My Last Home
Retirement Home named the Rusty Krab
Retirement Home naked Time to Die

Question 6:In what episode is the only one that shows Spongebob with a garage?
Chocolate With Nuts
Reef Blowers
Spongebob's House Party
The Sponge That Could Fly
Home Sweet Pineapple

Question 7:In what episode was their a kitchen in Pat's house?
Reef Blowers
Home Sweet Pineapple
I'm With Stupid
My Pretty Seahorse
His kitchen was never revealed.

Question 8:Where does Spongebob hide an extra key to his house?
In his mailbox
In the coral
On top of the mat
Under the mat
Buried in the sand

Question 9:Which Ocean is Bikini Bottom in?
The Red Sea?

Question 10:Spongebob is how tall?
2 inches
1/2 inch
3 inches
1 inch
1 foot

Question 11:Mr. Krabs first name is...

Question 12:**Easy One** Tom Kenny does the voice of who?
Mr. Krabs

Question 13:Mr. Krabs pet is a......and named....
worm...Mr Doodles
snail....Mr Doodle
snail....me Doodles
worm.....Mr Doodle

Question 14:Spongebob lives on what street?
124 Conch St.
123 Conch St.
121 Conche St.
3521 Anchor Way
3541 Anchor Way

Question 15:Mr. Krabs driver license number is...

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