How well do you know SpongeBob?
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How well do you know SpongeBob?

So, do you know everything about that little porous sponge in a pineapple? Let's find out!

Question 1:   OK, first question. What is SpongeBob's last name?

Question 2:   What instrument does Squidward play?
He doesn't play anything
I don't know

Question 3:   In the episode, "The Sponge who could Fly", what comes out of SpongeBob's butt when he flies?
Something smelly
Hot gas from his jetpack
I've never seen that episode
Why should I care?
A rainbow

Question 4:   In the episode, "Nature Pants", what does SpongeBob want to do?
Become a veggie
Live with the wild jellyfish
Grow potatoes
Visit the Seaweed Forest
Protest against sponge abuse

Question 5:   What three creatures does SpongeBob have for a pet?
A snail, jellyfish and lobster
A snail, seahorse and lobster
A snail, jellyfish and seahorse
He has no pet
I don't know

Question 6:   What creature do Patrick and SpongeBob adopt?
A jellyfish
A clam
A lobster
Patrick and SpongeBob are together!
Oh! I missed that episode! *sob*

Question 7:   Name two of SpongeBob's favourite toys:
Box and flute
Teddy and paper
Pencil and ruler
Ball and paper
Paper and box

Question 8:   In the lost episode, before it actually starts, what does SpongeBob do?
Walk crazily
Walk in a dignified, normal manner
Nothing the episode hasn't started yet
Greet the audience
Slap nearby pirates

Question 9:   Which one of these is NOT a line from the theme tune?
Absorbent and porous and yellow is he....
If nautical nonsense is something you wish....
Drop on the deck and flop like a fish....
Absorbent and porous and spongy is he....
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea....

Question 10:   What is Sandy's last name? (Sandy is the squirrel)
I hate her, pathetic little rodent....
I don't know. Is that bad?
Can I phone a friend?

Question 11:   What are "anchovies"?
Delicious ingredients on a pizza
Can I use a dictionary?
*grabs dictionary* Heh heh heh....
A starving, angry mob of fish in the Krusty Krab
Wild creatures like clams and jellyfish

Question 12:   SPONGEBOB!
Yeah, that's the quiz topic. Next question? a yellow sponge who lives under the sea
Cool! Where? Can I get his autograph?
Yes....*rapidly clicks "back" button*

Question 13:   What is a spatula?
An alien from "Mars Attacks"
A type of shovel thing
Don't you mean who?
A type of alarm clock
A frying tool SpongeBob uses

Question 14:   What is the missing word? - SpongeBob lives in a big orange _____ under the sea.

Question 15:   The final question. Why are you taking this test?
The "back" button failed to work *sigh*
I love SpongeBob and wish to prove myself worthy
I was very bored
I thought I might have a go
Oh, I thought this was an IQ test, sorry

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