Squidward Tentacles Quiz
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Squidward Tentacles Quiz

Question 1:   In the episode "Nature Pants", how long was Squidward going to give Spongebob to come back?
10 minutes
1 week
11 minutes
1 day

Question 2:   In the episode "Just One Bite", what kind of krabby patty did Squidward order for Spongebob to make?
Triple krabby supreme
Triple patty supreme
Double krabby supreme
Double patty supreme

Question 3:   In the episode "Employee Of The Month", what was Squidward's 4th attempt to keep Spongebob away from getting to the Krusty Krab?
A brick wall
An anchor
A cage
A krabby patty

Question 4:   In the episode "Employee Of The Month", what was Squidward reading?
Happy Digest
Frown Digest
Sad Digest
Weird Digest

Question 5:   In the episode "Shanghaeid", after dropping through the world of spaghetti, where did Squidward end up first?
Outside his house
On the ship
In Spongebob's house
On his bed

Question 6:   In the episode "Snowball Effect", who does Squidward hit first?
No one

Question 7:   In the episode "Scaredy Pants", what did Squidward dress up as?
A ghost
A fish
Frankenstein's bride
The Flying Dutchman

Question 8:   In the episode "Squidville", what was the number and street name that Squidward used for his new house?
303 New Life Avenue
303 New Life Street
304 New Life Avenue
304 New Life Street

Question 9:   In the episode "Graveyard Shift", how many different name did Spongebob and Squidward have for the "Hash-Slinging Slaher"?

Question 10:   In the episode "Krab Borg", what was the second thing that Spongebob said that robots didn't have?
Sense of humor
They can't love
They couldn't cry
None of the above

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