The Harder Spongebob Quiz
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The Harder Spongebob Quiz

How well do you REALLY know SpongeBob SquarePants?

Question 1:   What kind of hat does Mr. Krabs sell SpongeBob that someone else wants for 1 million dollars?
A Clapping Hat
A Hat that says Foxy Grandpa
A Soda Drink Hat

Question 2:   What are Squidward's favorite hobbies?
Playing with SpongeBob and Jelly Fishing
Playing with Patrick and Working
Dancing and playing the Clarinet

Question 3:   Where does Patrick go on Leaf Ericson Day?
To the Krust Krab
To go get more Giant Paper
To Play with SpongeBob

Question 4:   Why does SpongeBob play stupid?
To make Patrick feel better
To Make Squidward Laugh
To Impress Patrick's Parents

Question 5:   Why do SpongeBob and Patrick almost drown?
Because they steal a boat
Because they get butt cramps
Because Larry isn't there

Question 6:   What does SpongeBob buy to make him look stronger?
Anchor Arms
Buns of Steel
Meaty Legs

Question 7:   How long does Bubble Buddy take in the bathroom?
45 minutes
30 seconds
2 hours

Question 8:   Who created SpongeBob SquarePants?
Stephen Spielberg
Brad Pitt
Stephen Hillenburg

Question 9:   What does SpongeBob paint the bathtub as when he's trying to get Gary to take a bath?
A Treasure Chest
A Food Bowl
A Beach Ball

Question 10:   In SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric what do they discover?

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