Spongebob Season 13

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Here is a difficult quiz from Season 13 (up to "Delivery to Monster Island")

  • 1
    A Place For Pets is an episode where they sing "Pets are People Too"
  • 2
    A Place for Pets is an episode with Sandy as a main role.
  • 3
    Lockdown For Love includes a cameo of Spongebob

  • 4
    Sandy has so far never appeared as a main role this season.
  • 5
    In "Under the Small Top" Spongebob takes care of Squidward
  • 6
    In "Under the Small Top," Spongebob buys a flea circus.

  • 7
    In "Squidward's Sick Daze" Handsome Squidward appears.
  • 8
    In "Goofy Scoopers" Spongebob and Squidward work together to try to bring a band back together at Goofy Goobers.
  • 9
    "Pat the Horse" is a season 13 episode.
  • 10
    "Pat the Dog" is a Season 13 episode.

  • 11
    In "Something Narwhal This Way Comes," Kamp Koral characters make their debut.
  • 12
    In "Something Narwhal This Way Comes," Plankton's relatives make a re-appearance from "Plankton's Army"
  • 13
    In "CHUMS," Plankton finds an unlikely ally in the sewers.
  • 14
    In "Spongebob's Road to Christmas," Patchy makes a live-action cameo.
  • 15
    In "Spongebob's Road to Christmas," Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick visit Santa Claus.
  • 16
    In "Spongebob's Road to Christmas," Sandy makes a cameo.

  • 17
    In "Potato Puff," Spongebob is "taught" by a potato.
  • 18
    Plankton and Mr. Krabs work together again this season in "There Will be Grease"
  • 19
    Spongebob is disguised as the Big Bad Wolf in an episode this season.
  • 20
    In "Sea Man Sponge Haters Club," Mr. Krabs is a member.

  • 21
    In "Sea Man Sponge Haters Club," Squidward tells the story of Spongebob messing around orders at the Krusty Krab.
  • 22
    In "Food Pffff Truck" this is the second appearance of "Rock Bottom" in Season 13.
  • 23
    In "Upturn Girls" Nobby from Kamp Koral makes an appearance.
  • 24
    In "Say Awwwww!" Mr. Krabs' robot appears.
  • 25
    In "Patrick the Mailman" Kevin is convicted of fraud.
  • 26
    In "Patrick the Mailman" Patrick and Squidward deliver mail.

  • 27
    In "Captain Pipsqueak" Captain Tightward makes a cameo.
  • 28
    In "Plane to Sea," Sandy and Spongebob go on a vacation.
  • 29
    In "Slappy Days," Patrick makes a cameo.
  • 30
    In "Abandon Twits," Spongebob discovers a castaway in his walls.

  • 31
    In "Salty Sponge," Spongebob works at the Salty Spitoon.
  • 32
    In "Karen for Spot," Spongebob and Karen watch out for Spot while Plankton is at a convention in Shell City.
  • 33
    In "Ma and Pa's Big Hurrah," Spongebob tries to act mature for his parents.
  • 34
    In "Yellow Pavement," Spongebob and Squidward are in a boating video, similar to "Red Asphalt"
  • 35
    "The Tidal Zone" is a crossover event that took place this season along with a Patrick Star Show episode and a Kamp Koral episode.
  • 36
    In "The Flower Plot," Plankton and Karen open up a flower shop.
  • 37
    In "Spongebob's On Parade," a fake secret formula is on a parade float.
  • 38
    In "Delivery to Monster Island," Spongebob and Plankton work together to survive an island of deadly monsters.
  • 39
    Easy: Squidward is actually an octopus
  • 40
    Easy: Plankton and Karen are husband and wife.

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