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! SPOILER WARNING! This quiz is basically just a 10 questionnaire regarding my favorite cartoon, Steven Universe! (made by Rebecca sugar.) and will test your knowledge off it, answering by true and false. Also, please read the following questions carefully and properly to get the correct answer(s)

  • 1
    In the Steven Universe movie, Spinel waited 6000 years waiting for Pink Diamond in her garden, is this true or false?
  • 2
    Is Garnet a fusion?
  • 3
    Was Opal a fusion of Steven and Peridot?

  • 4
    Was Rebecca Sugar's favorite character Greg?
  • 5
    Is it NOT true that volleyball was psychologically scarred from one of pink diamond's tantrums?
  • 6
    Was it correct that the diamonds didn't actually love pink diamond?

  • 7
    Was it true that Bismuth tried to kill/"poof" Steven?
  • 8
    Is it correct that Amethyst emerged after the war Rose Quartz?
  • 9
    Is it true White Diamond is a perfectionist thus traumitising the other diamonds (Blue diamond, Yellow diamond, Pink Diamond) to do the same?
  • 10
    Is it true that Pink diamond / Rose Quartz gave up her physical form to give birth to her son, Steven?

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