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Sword Art Online quiz (hard)

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Questions on the Sword Art Online series, proper nouns based on the LIGHT NOVEL SERIES, chronologically based on the Sword Art Online PROGRESSIVE ARC when there is conflicting content

  • 1
    Where does Kirito first meet Asuna?
  • 2
    During the Bullet of Bullets, what was Sinon's secondary weapon?
  • 3
    Vassago Casal's avatar is?

  • 4
    The sword Kirito used during the battle with The Irrational Cube on floor 6 of Aincrad is:?
  • 5
    The main headquarters of Rath is at:?
  • 6
    The boss arena of the 100th floor of Aincrad is called:?

  • 7
    The skill Asuna inherits from the Absolute Sword is called:?
  • 8
    The power to transform imagination into reality in the Underworld is called:?
  • 9
    Kirito's Night-Sky Blade is made of:?
  • 10
    The Planet on which the Underworld exists on is named:?

  • 11
    The highest Dual Blades skill that Kirito uses is:?
  • 12
    In Aincrad, the guild Griselda is in is called:?
  • 13
    Before Kirito's arrival, the strongest player of ALfheim Online is said to be:?
  • 14
    How many people died in the battle against The Gleam Eyes?
  • 15
    The one that gives Kirito's party the quest to defeat Thrym and retrieve Excalibur is:?
  • 16
    How many unique skills were implemented in SAO?

  • 17
    Which of the divine weapons is the oldest??
  • 18
    Who won the 4th Bullet of Bullets?
  • 19
    The leader of the Aincrad Liberation Army is:?
  • 20
    Who leaked information about the Laughing Coffin hideout to the front-line group?

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