The Powerpuff Girls Quiz
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The Powerpuff Girls Quiz

So you think you know these adorable world-savers? Try your luck with my quiz!

Question 1:Who *really* created the Powerpuff Girls?
Professor Utonium
Mojo Jojo

Question 2:What are the Powerpuffs' names?
Rainbow, Cloud, and Star
Flower, Soap, and Another Flower
Brainy, Brawny, and Bouncy
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

Question 3:What is the name of the school they attend?
Pretty Elm Kindergarten
Fluffy Lamb Day Care
Pokey Oaks Kindergarten

Question 4:Where is Mojo Jojo's secret laboratory?
Deep inside his parents' house behind a bookcase
Behind a secret door in the Monkey House at the zoo
On top of an active volcano

Question 5:What is the name of their teacher?
Miss Bellum
Miss Keane
Professor Utonium

Question 6:What lower-body garment does Him wear?
A tutu
Black pantyhose

Question 7:What's the name of the group of boys that sometimes fight the Powerpuff Girls?
The Gang Green Gang
The Beat-Em Up Boys
The Gangrene Gang

Question 8:Where is Professor Utonium's lab located?
At the University in Townsville

Question 9:Who has ice breath?

Question 10:Why did Professor create the Powerpuff Girls?
He kept having the same dream induced by the Sandman.
He was dared by The Mayor as a little boy to make superheroes.
He saw them when he was a little boy. They saved his life.

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