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Welcome to the ultimate Total Drama fan quiz! Here is how it works... their will be 55 questions 10 from each season. (The last season will have 5 questions) and this will not include the spin-off series (Total drama ridiculousness race). If you do not know what the answer is you can click I don’t know.

  • 1
    In Total drama island, the campers first challenge was to...
  • 2
    In the big sleep (episode 3 on TDI), who got the boot?
  • 3
    In episode 6 of TDI, what animal did Izzy dress up as?

  • 4
    In phobia factor, what was Heathers biggest fear?
  • 5
    In episode 8 (up the creek) in TDI, who did Bridgette row with in her canoe?
  • 6
    In episode 11 of TDI, what made the Killer Bass lose the blindfolded tobbogen race?

  • 7
    In the brunch of disgusting-ness(episode 14 in TDI), what toppings came on the pizza?
  • 8
    Who did the losers vote off from the final 5 of TDI?
  • 9
    Which of the following was a dare Gwen had to do in I triple dog dare you?
  • 10
    Last question for TDI, (it’s a toughy so good luck!) What did Owen call Izzy during his party?

  • 11
    In Total drama action what were the names of the first 2 episodes?
  • 12
    In episode 5 of TDA, what did Chris call chef when chef was wearing a dress and bonnet?
  • 13
    In episode 7 of Total drama action, Gwen got eliminated because of the deal she was forced to make with the Grips. Why was she forced to the deal?
  • 14
    Episode 12’s alliance caused...
  • 15
    In full metal drama (episode 11 of Total drama action), Who tried to take charge as “her hotness”
  • 16
    After Bridgette and Geoff got eliminated in TDA, the had a show to host which was called...

  • 17
    In episode 19 (princess pride) in TDA, Who was the princess and who got eliminated?
  • 18
    Owen was brought back in which episode of Total drama action?
  • 19
    Last question for season 2 (TDA), good luck! Which animal did Courtney pick during the animal buddy challenge?
  • 20
    In Total drama world tour, who eliminated their self in episode 3?

  • 21
    Where did the contests travel to in episode 5?
  • 22
    In episode 8, (TDWT) What was the name of the episode and what caused Gwen to almost get eliminated?
  • 23
    In episode 10, Chris announced he was from...
  • 24
    What was episode 12 in TDWT?
  • 25
    In episode 14 if TDWT, who got eliminated?
  • 26
    In episode 16 of Total drama world tour, Gwen lost the tie breaker to...

  • 27
    Which 2 people got eliminated in episode 20 of TDWT?
  • 28
    Song time!
    Finish the line
    It’s a beautiful day on the...
  • 29
    In the last episode of TDWT, who stands in the finale 2?
  • 30
    Last question for TDWT,
    Who covers up the do not throw pineapples in the volcano sign?

  • 31
    In season 4, Total drama revenge of the Island, Who was blamed for taking people’s stuff?
  • 32
    Lighting assumed Joe was always a...
  • 33
    What was Mike’s problem?
  • 34
    Anne Marie liked...
  • 35
    Scott’s biggest fear was...
  • 36
    Who was very silent during season 4?
  • 37
    Zoey got eliminated
  • 38
    What did Lighting father bet?
  • 39
    Lastly, who won Total drama revenge of the island?
  • 40
    In season 5, Alejandro was in a
  • 41
    What were the 2 teams in Total drama all stars?
  • 42
    Sierra thought Cameron was ...
  • 43
    Why was Sam eliminated?
  • 44
    Who did not come back for Total drama all stars? But was seen in the finale
  • 45
    Heather got eliminated because
  • 46
    Duncan took a leech for
  • 47
    Who got the advantage in the leech ball war?
  • 48
    Gwen finally made up with
  • 49
    Last question for season 4, who was the mad king played by?
  • 50
    Who were twins on season 6
  • 51
    Ella got eliminated for...
  • 52
    Jasmine got eliminated...
  • 53
    Bonus question!
    Courtney is a
  • 54
    Who wins Total drama pakitail island?
  • 55
    Last question!
    How did you enjoy the quiz? There is no wrong answer:) thanks for playing and have a great day Total drama fans!

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450 days ago
450 days ago
677 days ago
half of then spelt wrong. would be nice if said actual apisode names
680 days ago
As a dyhard total drama fan, I’m pretty disappointed in you. You spelt most of the names wrong in this quiz and plus on The Who was blamed for stealing in season 4 you wrote “Don” as the correct answer WHICH IS THE RIDONCULOUS RACE HOST NOT THE GIRL THE GIRL IS SPELLED DAWN I got 54/55 Bc of that question (I chose brick because of your weird don answer) but technically I should’ve gotten 55
836 days ago
But the villanous vultures got the big box/crate
836 days ago
On the last question I said 49 out of 55 and I got 48 out of 55 it's so funny cause I got 1 less then I thought I would get
1026 days ago
why did you not make the ridoncluos
1039 days ago
Didnt do most questions or it would be spoiled for me
1103 days ago
Fun! I got 50/55 but I should have gotten 51/55 because of the last question. (Even though it said that there was no wrong answer XD)
1203 days ago
Cool quiz ! I had 48/55 pretty good ! Also in the episode Saving Private Leechball , The Heroic Hamsters had the one minute advantage of searching for one minute to find the bigger box while the other team can't search . Not the Villainous Vultures .
1501 days ago
I got 54/55 right, I actually got 53/55 but I got one that was said to be wrong actually right. Gwen was forced to do both of the dares but she decided to use the skip and have it to Heather.