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You will be answering questions about Voltron.

  • 1
    Paladin of the black lion?
  • 2
    The princess's name?
  • 3
    How many mice are there?

  • 4
    How many lions are there?
  • 5
    Evil force leader?
  • 6
    What is pidge lion color?

  • 7
    What does the fox say?
  • 8
    What episode do they first form Voltron in?
  • 9
    When Keith and Lance find the pool what is wrong with it?
  • 10
    Where is Shiro's scar?

  • 11
    Where does the blue lion get it's power up
  • 12
    What is on Keith's knife
  • 13
    Does Pidge ever find his brother?

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1106 days ago
I got perfect I am just like Pidge in real life so is my sister Taeya
1314 days ago
pidge/katie is a GIRL. Keef is black palidin. it sure as hall aint zorkon (i pesonally think that sounds like a pasta or vegtable). i cannot grammer/spell. zarkon is galra, galra is not zarkon.
1386 days ago
I'm surprized I did so well. FAV character Keith.
1435 days ago
so today my bro and i were arguing and being a hothead i decided to leave before i hurt him. as i exited he yelled "think about what you're doing! don't walk though that door!" and as mad as i was i cracked up once i was locked in my room
lol i had to write it somewhere so here i am
1449 days ago
Pidge is a girl and everybody knows. I don’t even watch the show. My friends do so I good listener and rememberer so yeah.
1456 days ago
I mean pidge.
1456 days ago
Pudge is a girl not a boy, it’s ZARKON, and in the first question, why does it say “lance,lance,Keith,keith,shirt”???
1462 days ago
Lizzy you are so right! #facts
Plus, am I the only one that doesn't ship Klance because I want Keith for myself??
1532 days ago
pidge is a girl not a boy # facts
1532 days ago