How much do you know about Yu-Gi-Oh?
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How much do you know about Yu-Gi-Oh?

Take me... Can you stump the Whitney?

Question 1:   What is the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle's name?

Question 2:   In the manga, what is the escaped killer's jail number?

Question 3:   In the manga, who does Anzu fall in love with?
Seto Kaiba
Yugi Mutou
Dark Yugi/ Yami

Question 4:   How many Millennium Items are there?

Question 5:   What year did Kazuki Takahashi invent Yu-Gi-Oh?
He didn't... I did!

Question 6:   In the manga, Who is Yugi bullied by the most on Duel #1?
Anzu & Ms. Chino
No body... Yugi is the most popular kid at Domino High!
Jonouchi & Honda

Question 7:   In the manga, What game is Dark Yugi forced to play when Anzu is trapped on the Ferris Wheel?
Black Jack
Clock Speed

Question 8:   In the manga, who does Seto Kaiba fall in love with?
Serenity Wheeler
Tea Gardner
Pegasus J. Crawford

Question 9:   In the manga, what is Marik Ishar's real name?
I am queer
None... It's still Marik!
Malik Ishtal

Question 10:   Final Question! What does Yu-Gi-Oh! mean?
King of Games
Yugi Mutou
Kiss my ass

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