How much do you know about YuGiOh?
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How much do you know about YuGiOh?

Okay, I tried my hardest to make this a hard one, so just take it anyway!

Question 1:   What does YuGiOh! mean?
Dark Yugi
King of Games

Question 2:   What is Yugi Motto's Japanese name?
Yugi Mutou
Yuugi Mutou
Yugi Muto

Question 3:   What is Joey Wheeler's japanese name?
Jonouchi Katsuya
Katsuya Jonouchi
Joey Wheeler

Question 4:   What is Tea Gardner's japanese name?
Tea Gardner
Mazaki Anzu
Anzu Mazaki

Question 5:   What is Tristan Taylor's japanese name?
Hiroto Isuzu
Hiroto Mitsibishi
Hiroto Honda

Question 6:   What is Yami's REAL name?
Pharaoh Atem
Yuugi Mutou

Question 7:   In the English Anime, what was included that's NOT in the Japanese anime? (trick question)
All of the character's personality's were changed
Those damn friendship speeches
When Yugi turns into Yami, he says YuGiOh!

Question 8:   What year was YuGiOh released in Japan?

Question 9:   What year was YuGiOh released in the states? (Even I don't know the correct answer)

Question 10:   In the English anime, what wasn't added?
When Yami Bakura takes the Millennium Eye, he licks the blood off of it.
Those damn friendship speeches
Joey's stupidity

Question 11:   How does Yugi get the Millennium Puzzle anyway?
His Mom gave it to him.
He found it.
His Grandpa got it on an "expedition" to Egypt, but left it on his one of his game shop's shelves.

Question 12:   In the Manga, who does Anzu fall in love with?
Dark Yugi

Question 13:   How many Graphic novels have been released in the states?
4 so far
3 so far

Question 14:   How old is Yugi in the English anime?

Question 15:   Who's the brains of YuGiOh all together?
Kazuki Takahashi
Masashi Kishimoto
Hiroyuki Takei

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