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Only from the English TV show. have fun... PLEASE NOTE: The show is up to the Seal of Oracle Curse episodes!

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    Yami in Duelist Kingdom usually dueled on what side of the arena?
  • 2
    In the episode where Yugi and Yami are searching for a voice inside the puzzle, (Dark Magician Girl's), how do they find her?
  • 3
    What card does Yugi give Rebecca?

  • 4
    In the Battle City Finals, who had a good feeling all along that "Marik" was someone else during a duel?
  • 5
    Yami in the past was a.....
  • 6
    In the New Season with the Seal of Oracle Curse....When Yami duels that guy who stole his Egyptian God cards -The mysterious guy Played Obelisk and lost the duel. He threw the card to who?

  • 7
    Easy Question. Who found Mai and helped her out during her misery?
  • 8
    Amelda had a sad past. What was the name of his little brother?
  • 9
    When did Duke sign a contract with Pegasus?
  • 10
    What person/people have a crush on Mai?

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the guys name is Alester, not amelda