Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Quiz

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Quotes, cards and plot...have you watched closely enough? Will you be the king of games?

  • 1
    Who said: "And this time, things are going end differently, you pompous windbag"?
  • 2
    The effect of the card Pyramid of Light was changed from the effect shown in the movie. What other card had an effect change?
  • 3
    When does this episode take place?

  • 4
    What was the name of the attack that took down Thenien the Great Sphinx?
  • 5
    Who said: "Zoinks!, and when"?
  • 6
    What monster allowed Yugi to special summon his King's Knight to the field?

  • 7
    Why does Pegasus pay a visit to Kaiba?
  • 8
    Where did the main action of the story take place?
  • 9
    Who said: "You have to spend lifepoints to take lifepoints"?
  • 10
    What was the name of the card that allowed Yugi to use Kaiba's trap card, Return From the Different Dimension?

  • 11
    What needs to be "blinded by events predetermined" in order to stop Anubis?
  • 12
    According to the movie, how many years has Yugi been playing Duel Monsters?
  • 13
    Who said: " Hey, Johnny Rotten, over here!"?
  • 14
    What card caused Obelisk, Slifer and Ra to appear on the field at the same time?
  • 15
    What card did not help Yugi destroy the Pyramid of Light?
  • 16
    Who said: " I'm sure glad he didn't bring up all the damage you did to the duel dome, because I don't think his insurance is going to cover this."

  • 17
    Who said: " Oh, it's a very big deal"?
  • 18
    What card was not used by Yugi in the combo to stop his deck from being destroyed?
  • 19
    Which monster did not make an appearance in the movie?
  • 20
    What card doesn't Kaiba use to summon his first Blue Eyes in the duel?

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