YGO Skills

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    When you summon Jinzo from your Graveyard with Call of the Haunted is automatically destroyed since he has the effect to negate the effects of all trap cards.
  • 2
    If you activate Riryoku on one of your opponent's monsters which it is Tyranno Infinity with 7000 attack then the selected monster gains 3500 and Tyranno's attack becomes 3500.
  • 3
    When you attack with a monster that has the effect to destroy the monster that attacked it with and that monster is arcane force 0 the fool(tails) it will destroy the fool because it's effect won't be activated

  • 4
    If Rainbow Dragon equipped with Rainbow Veil attacks a Marshmallon, the Marshmallon won't be destroyed
  • 5
    OK you have D Hero-Doom Lord on your field and you activate his effect that lets you remove from play a face up monster your opponent controls and your opponent has 4 monsters on the field and during his turn he place another monster on the field. Then during your turn the card that was removed from play doesn't return because there is no space, but if you clear one zone, any time that monster will return
  • 6
    Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon attacks and the other player activates Mirror Force he will not be destroyed but all the other monsters will be destroyed since he and only can be protected

  • 7
    Someone has Kaiser Sea horse on his side of the field and one more monster. In his hand he is holding Gilford the Lightning and he tributes Kaiser sea Horse and the other monster and since it counts as 2 tributes Gilford's effect will be activated
  • 8
    A player has a face up Bad Reaction to Simotchi and a face down Magic Cylinder and the other player has Prime Material Dragon. The second player attacks and the other player activates Magic Cylinder. The player with Prime Material Dragon gains lp instead of losing but then Bad Reaction to Simotchi reduces the points again and Prime Material Dragon cannot chain again he's effect so the player with the Bad Reaction to Simotchi wins the chain of this turn
  • 9
    One player has Goblin Attack Force and a face up Skill Drain. When Goblin Attack Force attacks during the end of the damage step they stay in attack position because of the skill drain
  • 10
    A player has 2 Marauding Captain on the field and the other player activates Fissure to destroy one of them, but since they have the same attack the effect of fissure is wasted

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