Yu Yu Hakusho
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Yu Yu Hakusho

Test your IQ on Yu Yu Hakusho!

Question 1:What is the name of the person with the Shadow Sword?

Question 2:What happens when Kurama turns into his demon form?
He's a fox.
He dies.
He turns all red.
He smashes things up.

Question 3:Who is Koenma?
I dunno.
Who cares?
They guy in the green jumpsuit.
The guy with the pacifier.

Question 4:What dose Yusuke do when Keiko is trapped in that fire?
I have no freakin' idea.
He just watches her burn.
He gets something to eat.
Throws the egg in the fire to save her.

Question 5:What is Kuwabara's first name?

Question 6:Where is the Dark Tournament?
Across the sea.
In the Spirit world.
In the demon world.
I dunno.

Question 7:Who is Botan?
She's a witch.
She is Yusuke's sister.
She is the Spirit World's messenger.
I dunno.

Question 8:Who is Yusuke's rival at his Junior High?
Kazuma Kuwabara
Mr. Takanaka
Who is Yusuke?

Question 9:What dose Hiei's third eye allow him to do?
Turn into his Demon form.
Look through stuff.
Kill someone.
Stun someone.
Whatever he wants.

Question 10:What kind of cartoon is Yu Yu Hakusho?
A plain old cartoon.
A comic strip.
What is Yu Yu Hakusho?
A Japanese anime.

This Quiz has been designed by Hiei.