Are you a Kurama freak?
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Are you a Kurama freak?

Here's the quiz to take if you want to know if you’re obsessed with Kurama off of Yu Yu Hakusho! *^_^* Enjoy!

Question 1:   What is Kurama's human name?
Yusuke Urameshi
Shuiichi Hatanaka
Kazuma Kuwabara
Shuiichi Minamino
I know it's 'Shu-' something....*ponders*

Question 2:   What was Kurama's previous occupation when he was full demon?
Who cares! He's not it now, that's for sure...

Question 3:   What is Kurama's relationship with Yomi?
They were old partners
Kurama once stole from Yomi
Kurama killed Yomi's brother
Who the hell is Yomi?
They were old lovers

Question 4:   What is Kurama's power?
he can control plant life
he can emit large ki blasts from his palms
he can control fire
WHO CARES! *grumbels*
He can control wind

Question 5:   Can Kurama read lips?
They don't tell you that in the series! No fair!
Of course not!
No, but Yusuke can

Question 6:   What kind of demon is Kurama?
fire demon
He's human damn it!

Question 7:   How was Yomi blinded?
Dude, that has nothin' to do with Kurama...
Freak accident with a condom. *nods head*
Mukuro wanted revenge and blinded him.
Kurama sent an assassin after him to kill him, but the only thing the assassin accomplished was blinding Yomi.
He fell face-down on a pitchfork.

Question 8:   About how old was Kurama when he first met Hiei?
And Hiei is...?
No fair, no fair, no fair! That's not in the series! *whines*

Question 9:   What is Kurama's human mother's name?

Question 10:   What event changed the way Kurama felt towards his human mother and changed his mind about leaving her?
After they got in a car wreck and Shiori saved his life by giving him CPR, even though she had broken ribs.
When his mother caught him when he fell off a stool.
He'd always planned on staying.
When she fell ill and he had to save her with the Mirror of Udderdark.
Let me guess...this event wasn't in the series either...*cries*

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