Do you know Zoids?
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Do you know Zoids?

You better study up, because this quiz isn't only about the outstanding anime show, but also the history of the show, models, and so on...

Question 1:When released in America again in `84 and `85, what title did the models now known as "Zoids" go by?
Zoids 2
Robotic Monsters

Question 2:Popularity of Zoids had decreased so much that Tomy planned on ending the model series with what Zoid?
Sturm Tryann
Holotech Zoids
Gojulas Giga
Bloody Deathsaurer
Snipe Master (Zoids VS)

Question 3:In the American dubbed version of Zoids: Chaotic Century, who did the voice of Van?
Mark Gatha
Dave Pettitt
Jonathan Love
Onalea Gilbertson
Matthew Erikson

Question 4:In the manga comics of Zoids, who rules the Dark Continent? (otherwise known as Nyx)
Helic Republic
Zenevas Empire
Neo-Zenevas Empire
Guylos Empire
It is independent land

Question 5:The Zoid EZ-026 Genosaurer in based on what Zoid?
Rev Raptor
Geno Breaker
Berserk Fury
It is completely unique

Question 6:The anime series of Zoids: Chaotic Century premiered in America in which year?

Question 7:You are in a Zoid battle under the mode "0988." You make your way to the opposing Zoid and shoot them at close range. Is this move legal?

Question 8:Electrical Particle Blades are featured only on the Zoid...?
Liger ZERO Schneider
Storm Sworder SS
Blade Liger
Electrical Particle Blades are not a weapon

Question 9:After the organoid "Shadow" fades away in Guardian Force, he is reborn and ends up where?
New Helic City
Wind Colony
Valley of the Rare-Hertz
Mt. Isolina
Red River Base

Question 10:The Zoid EZ-049 Berserk Fury was the leader of the group...?
Karma Killers
Lightning Division
Eisen Dragoon
Desert Patrol
Iron Dragon Calvary

Question 11:According to the Zoids Battle Story, the variant of the Zoid RZ-001 Gojulas, "Gojulas the Gunner," has been deployed where?
Dark Continent (Nyx)
East of New Helic City
Western Continent
North of Europa
Perimeter of the Triangle Daras

Question 12:Zoids: New Century /Zero takes place...?
Where Guardian Force left off
Before Chaotic Century
After the War
5000 years after Guardian Force
1200 years after Guardian Force

Question 13:What is the only weapon capable of destroying the Zoid EZ-036 Death Stinger?
Gravity Cannon
Twin Charged Particle Cannons
Complete Missile Barrage
Supercharged Hybrid Cannon
AZ-120mm Beam Cannons

Question 14:The Ultrasaurus wreak at the end of episode 26 of New Century /Zero is from where?
From the old Helic-Guylos War
The Berserk Fury destroyed it
Guradian Force after defeating the Deathsaurer
It's a wild Zoid that broke down
It was destroyed after passing through the Empire's territory

Question 15:The "A/C" in the Zoid RZ-042 Command Wolf A/C stands for what?
Army Command
Air Counterattack
Army Custom
Attack Custom
Area Control

Question 16:When the Zoid RZ-064 Gojulas Giga is in Battle Mode, how fast can it move?
180 km/h (112 mph)
90 km/h (55 mph)
130 km/h (80 mph)
95 km/h (59 mph)
30 km/h (18 mph)

Question 17:What is the least number of pilots required to properly pilot the Zoid RZ-037 Ultrasaurus?

Question 18:The Techno-Zoid "Evil Scorpion" is basically the same Zoid as _____ but with a different colour scheme.
Death Stinger
Scissor Strom

Question 19:The first "Zoid" to have a name was?
Giant Zrk
Battle Rover

Question 20:What is the largest known Zoid?
Mad Thunder
King Gojulas

Question 21:The Zoid RZ-045 Salamander is based off what animal?

Question 22:What is the flaw with the Zoid model kit of RZ-039 Raynos?
The two wings are not level with one another
One wing is shorter than the other
Part of the legs are not painted the correct colour
There is no included pilot figure
The decals have the wrong designation number

Question 23:What is not true about the Limited Edition Zoid EZ-009 Command Wolf?
It's an Imperial Zoid
It includes a sensitive sensor array
It has a decreased top speed
It includes Smokescreen Generators
It can support 2 crew members

Question 24:What is the Liger ZERO armour unit "Jager" named after?
Yeager Airport -a famous airport in Charleston, West Virginia
Jager -a unit that stands for 10,000 miles per hour
Jager -Latin word for aerodynamic
Yeager -German for speed
Charles Yeager -the first man to break the sound barrier

Question 25:Are the organoids in Zoids: Chaotic Century and Guardian Force all voiced by the same person?
The sounds are mixed in a computer

This Quiz has been designed by Dano Watkins.