Havoc Century Quiz!
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Havoc Century Quiz!

This is a Quiz for those in the Zoids Havoc Century RPG on MSN.

Question 1:   Who Piloted the Red Blade Liger in Zoids New Century Zero?
Leena Toros
Brad Hunter
Leon Toros
Dr. Layon
Naomi Flugel

Question 2:   What is the fastest Land Based Zoid?
Liger Zero
Storm Sworder
Death Saurer
Lightening Saix

Question 3:   Who is the first team Bit Cloud defeated in an Official Teams Match?
Champ Team
Fuzzy Pandas Team
BackDraft Organization
Flugel Team
Lightening Team

Question 4:   Of the Zoids listed below, which one does not belong?
Blade Liger
Liger Zero
Berserk Fury

Question 5:   What is the next step of Evolution for the Shield Liger according to C.C. and G.F. sagas?
Strike Liger
Blade Liger
Trinity Liger
Hell Liger

Question 6:   What is the next step of Evolution for the Geno Saurer?
Berserk Fury
Crystal Saurer
Death Saurer
Gun Sniper
Geno Breaker

Question 7:   Which character piloted the Ultrasaurus in the Guardian Force saga?
Colonel Schubaltz
Emporer Rudolph

Question 8:   What Zoid is referred to as a Mobile Base of Operations for the Military?
Blitz Base
Death Stinger

Question 9:   Who beat Bit and Jack Sisco in an Arcade Zoid Simulator game?
Vega Obscura
Leena Toros
Jaime Hemeros
Brad Hunter
Kelly Tasker

Question 10:   What is considered the "Mother" of all Zoids?
Zoid Eve
Zeke the Organoid
Fiona the ancient Zoidian
The Planet Zi
The Planet Earth

This Quiz has been designed by Haven Azrael.