Do you know your celebrity flaws and facts?
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Do you know your celebrity flaws and facts?

The test explains itself by questioning your knowledge on famous people's funny features, flaws and other interesting questions!

Question 1:What is Jennifer Lopez most famous for?
Her looks
Her butt
Her fling with Puff Daddy
Her snootiness
Her voice

Question 2:Robert de Niro has relationships with what type of women?
Italian chicks
White chicks
Black chicks
Asian chicks
The guy is gay for christ' sake!

Question 3:Who was making fun of Dick Clark at the Academy Awards about Dick's coming out of the closet with his gay relationships?
Robin Williams
Jay Leno
Justin Timberlake
Conan O'Brien
Bruce Willis

Question 4:What do you think is the most likely reason that made Michael Jackson change his skin color?
He has a rare skin condition
He likes the color of white
Don't know
He has always wanted to be a white person to avoid racism
He wanted to spite his family

Question 5:What does Whitney Houston like to do?
Smoke blunts and various other drugs
Drink any alcoholic drink under the sun
Cheat with male prostitutes on her husband
Try to take over Africa
Try to get back in the limelight

Question 6:Who beat the crap out of Pamela Anderson Lee?
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee Jones
Al Pacino
Kurt Cobain
Courtney Love

Question 7:What does Cher do that disgusts most people?
Slap her lesbian daughter around
Make everyone feel sorry for her because of her 'tragic life'
She won't cover up her cellulite at her concerts
She so looks nasty with all the plastic surgery you'd mistake she'd be a skeleton
Wear skanky outfits even though she's 50 something

Question 8:What did Jim Carrey wear to a movie awards ceremony that created an uproar?
A jockstrap
A suit
Red silkie panties
A leaf

Question 9:What is Jay Leno most famous for?
His annoying voice
His big chin
His bad jokes
Having sex with Whoopi Goldberg
Picking his nose

Question 10:What happened to Tom Green?
Fell in a sewage pipe
Testicular Cancer
Got his butt kicked by Drew Barrymore
Throat Cancer
Overdose on cocaine

Question 11:Who is considered the dirtiest celebrity as of the choices below?
John Travolta
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt
Puff Daddy
Patrick Swayze

Question 12:Who does Eminem hate the most?
His ex-wife
His dad
His mom

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