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  • 1
    How many maps are there?
  • 2
    Which map has it so that you can open the doors on your own?
  • 3
    In which map is there not a decontamination part?

  • 4
    I'm which map is there not a wires task?
  • 5
    Do all maps have an astroids task?
  • 6
    What is the task in The Skield, MedBay area, that takes so long called?

  • 7
    What is lighter blue colour called?
  • 8
    How many astroids do you have to shoot?
  • 9
    In what map is there a balcony?
  • 10
    How hard is it to fix the sabotage on Comms?

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445 days ago
I really liked it, but the last one is an opinion...
605 days ago
7/10 i only play among us on Roblox and sabotage hasn’t come yet
710 days ago
I thought there are 4 maps cuz the Airship has arived. I got 10/10 I experienced to be a player in Among us.... Who meet Sire Sirol and Eris Loris
766 days ago
Yay 9/10
772 days ago
has anyone seen me in among us?
772 days ago
i got 2 wrong🤣🤣🤣
774 days ago
I said that on my other computor, but seriously thx u
774 days ago
I didnt realise ppl were actually doing my quiz
I didnt even realise it was on the actual test thing
Im just happy someones doing my quiz!
793 days ago
correctly answered 9 of 10 questions.
815 days ago
Lol, I got 4 right. But, I usually only play the Skeild map, and I haven't played in awhile, soooo....