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Jammers out there! If you love Animal Jam Play Wild (aka. AJPW) you will ace this quiz! Let’s find out if you love AJPW or not!

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    Is Rainbow spike beta?

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153 days ago
The test is EXTREMELY outdated, a lot of questions are inaccurate- It would be a great quiz if it was up to date
774 days ago
Omg! This is outdated lol. Maybe update it. It gave me the noob and I have been playing since 2017! If you want to trade me my wish I would be more than happy! I can't say my user though. Also, is there any way to get a pet squirrel from this year's pack hunt (2020)?
786 days ago
This test is inaccurate I have anniversary prize pal, rare double tail, forest gauntlets, out of game betas, out of game pets that are not coming back and waayyyyyy more
788 days ago
This si old some of these quesrions and answers are not accurate......
816 days ago
Phew 7/10 I didn't get noob
835 days ago
Its the old one XD.
854 days ago
I only got 5/10 correct. I’m sad with myself (: o
878 days ago
Hey ppl got 4/10 pretty rubbish but any who my username for the mobile version of aj is arcticshadowwolf8 make sure to buddy me if my list is full just tell me here and I will delete ppl also i have a double tail that I can take offers for be fair dont SCAM and thanks for reading 😂😂😂
895 days ago
OK I DO nOT lIkE THis QuIZ!! 🙄😒
895 days ago
It says ima noob I'm amazing at play wild ma used name is bunny rainbow 39
908 days ago
943 days ago
JINXED!!! yo i saw half this stuff on fandom an hour age, i just finished playingv ajpw for an hour, im on freaking level 32 dont tell me im a noob!!!!!!
1092 days ago
Got an items bk Xdxdxdxdxdxdxd
1106 days ago
Just pls do he’s my brother :(
1106 days ago
Pls gift crazygaming31 a rainbow spike if u hv unwanted pls do it bc his got scammed and if u do we will all THANK YOU ALOT LIKE ALOT ALOT ALOT XD he’s user ish u know but where telling the third time ish crazygaming31 if u want to gift him the rainbow spike or if u want like the rare drag wings the Leilani ones or double tail any of those three ish good and tell me ur USERNAME if u wanna gift him again if u do TYSVMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!.....................if u do :) thank ya
1106 days ago
Crazygaming31 I wish I hv a rainbow spike that I can gift u but I don’t hv it and I’m very unrare bc I’m new duh but I would like to help u bc I am ur Brother lol Xdxdxdxdxdxdxd so ye
1106 days ago
Guys I just got confetti jetpack bk now I don’t rlly want the rare drag wings or the double tail so now I just want my rainbow spike bk be its part of my main look if u want to gift me 🎁 me it that would be awesoem and if u rlly do TYSVM :) btw again I think xd my user ish crazygaming31 if u wanna gift me ur unwanted rainbow spike tell me ur USERNAME ty :)
1112 days ago
My bday ish getting close I get scammed 3 times and I’m abt to quit ajpw my rainbow spike and double tail and rare dragon wings the Leilani ones and a confetti jetpack the scammer who scammed me is imajammer768 I need help abt getting my items bk :( and if ur kind and want to gift me one of these items that I got scammed that would be thankful :) btw my user is crazygaming31 if u wanna gift me the items I hv been scammed I kinda wanna quit ajpw but in the same time I can’t :(
1112 days ago
Yes it says I’m kinda pro ishhhh :--
1191 days ago
OMG it said i am a noob but yet I have a rainbow spike, double tail, i used to have blackout wings and arabian mask, but yet IM A NOOB?! Oh and btw my user on ajpw is Eliza2007, BE SURE TO BUDDY ME AND CHECK OUT MY DEN, TY!!!!