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Bendy and the ink machine

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How good is your knowledge on this popular video game?

  • 1
    Which character looks like Goofy from Mickey mouse?
  • 2
    What was Bendy created out of?
  • 3
    Which episode do you meet Boris in

  • 4
    Which is one of Bendy's movies?
  • 5
    Which gang in number three do you have to fight?
  • 6
    Which one of the following is an office relic?

  • 7
    Which tool in chapter three do you use to harvest dark ink?
  • 8
    What tool can you not pick up in chapter 3?
  • 9
    Who is the villain in chapter 3?
  • 10
    Who plays bendy?

Comments (18)


353 days ago
again people forget Sammy Lawrence does not play bendy it is joey drew.
687 days ago
7/10 is what i got :D UwU
992 days ago
still don't understand how Sammy plays bendy
999 days ago
I havent finished chapter 3...can somebody tell me how to get the tommy gun??? I wanna see it!!!!!! :D
1079 days ago
1227 days ago
I don't understand how Sammy plays Bendy! he doesn't even pretend to be him!! he just worships Bendy!?!? WHAT THE HECK BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1426 days ago
Oops xD
Didn't mean to add a question mark XDXD
1426 days ago
Build our machine is AMAZING?!!! record not CD nobody plays bendy u can get Tommy gun in a specific way and finally again I looooooooooove build our machine, what about another chapter? Anyone heard That?! XD
1460 days ago
Yeah, I was confused about those few questions too. Yes, I have seen “build our machine” :D and loved it. Also, if you are a fan of batim, Little Nightmares could be a game you might enjoy as well, if you want to check it out.
1465 days ago
1. You can get the Tommy gun, just a specific way
2. Bendy doesn't have anyone play as him
3. It is a record, not a cd.
I hope this helps you in the future!
1614 days ago
The cd is a record too. And also build our machine is awesome. Whoever reads this comment should go check it out!
1614 days ago
Nobody plays bendy, you can get the tommy gun, and I was confused, the cardboard bendy or the ink bendy? And finally, you see Boris in chapter 1. He's dead.
1650 days ago
Cd?more like record plus I have listened to every song and have all the plushies for the game 🤦‍♀️ Yeah I’m to in to batim
1651 days ago
To be honest, boris does look like goofy.
bye ;)
how many of u have heard the bendy song 'build our machine'? its awesome right
1673 days ago
I got everything right
1679 days ago
u do see boris in chapter 1 in the end of chapter 1 WIE WIE WIE WIE
1758 days ago
i agree with shaleen
1857 days ago
First of all: It is a record, not cd.

Second of all: Sammy is the Music Director and Bendy's worshipper, He does not play Bendy. Bendy's identity is unknown.

Third of all: You need to be a bit more specific with the questions. I suggest reading the BATIM Wikia to help with phrasing and information about the game for more accuracy.

And finally: You have to play the game a certain way to get the Tommy gun.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and I hope this will help you improve with future quizzes.