Test Your Knowledge of the COD Zombies Storyline (Treyarch)

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You need to know a fair amount about Zombies lore to ace this quiz.

  • 1
    After Maxis and Samantha are trapped in the Der Reise teleporter, we all know Samantha teleports to the moon and fuses with the MPD. Where does Maxis travel to?
  • 2
    "July 18th, 1942 - Groph and Schuster wittingly discover how to charge the MPD." -Kronorium

    But how did they figure out how to charge it?
  • 3
    Who creates PHD Flopper?

  • 4
    Who was among the four soldiers in the Zombies map "Verruckt" who went on to be part of the Ultimis crew?
  • 5
    What does Maxis tell his daughter after coaxing her out of the MPD?
  • 6
    After blowing up the Earth at the end of the Moon Easter Egg, you play throughout the next few maps as Stuhlingher, Misty, Marlton, and Russman. Here, you can complete Easter Eggs in favor of two characters. Which character's Easter Egg is canon?

  • 7
    In the never-ending cycle that Primis is stuck in, which map is first?
  • 8
    What object does Richtofen successfully teleport that leaves Dr. Maxis unimpressed, even though the chemical construct of said object stayed the same? (This had never been done in previous tests.)
  • 9
    What causes Nikolai Belinski to FIRST turn to vodka?
  • 10
    What exactly is the main reason Richtofen is so mad at Maxis?

  • 11
    Who instructs the wolf king to build Der Eisendrache?
  • 12
    Which item(s) does Richtofen need to remove Samantha from the MPD?
  • 13
    Whose soul arrives at the house first?
  • 14
    Why does Richtofen go insane?
  • 15
    What Bo3 Zombies map takes place in the Agonia Fracture?

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1193 days ago
Very fun! Learned some stuff.
1202 days ago
that was good. better than the rest
1523 days ago
I hope you guys had fun on this quiz, let me know in these comments what your score was!