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Wrath Of The Machine Raid: Destiny Quiz

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Have you mastered the new raid yet? These questions might give you a bit more knowledge.

  • 1
    On what planet does this raid take place?
  • 2
    What is the first boss that you later encounter in the raid?
  • 3
    What do you have to do in order to bring Vosiks shield down? (In the beginning and the next part of the raid)

  • 4
    Along the way to each boss fight what do you have a chance to get?
  • 5
    What is the nickname given by the community to the mid-raid boss?
  • 6
    What two bosses can get the challenge for the week?

  • 7
    What loot do you get out of Aksis phase 1?
  • 8
    Who is the final boss?
  • 9
    What exotic pulse rifle can you get from this raid?
  • 10
    What two events followed the release of ROI?

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