Final Fantasy X Trivia!
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Final Fantasy X Trivia!

So, just how well do you know your way around Spira? Test your knowledge here to find out!

Question 1:What is Auron's overdrive called?
Banishing Blade
Sonic Blade

Question 2:What is Tidus' best weapon?
Final Slash
Spira Sidewinder
Grand Fury

Question 3:What is Bahamut's overdrive?
Mega Flare
Ultima Flare
God Blast
Ragnarok's Revenge

Question 4:What is the least amount you can pay Yojimbo to get him to join your party?
250,000 solid
125,000 or Offers slightly below
no more than 75,000
an 100 gil!
Offers slightly below 200,000

Question 5:What two items you need to unseal the Magus Sisters?
Flower Crown and Blossom Scepter
Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter
Rose Whip and Celestial Mirror
Rose Mirror and Celestial Whip
Horn of Plenty and Horn of Famine

Question 6:What's Wakka's blitzball team called?
Besaid Aurochs
Besaid Hotshots
Wakka's Goers
Luca Winners
Zanarkand Abes

Question 7:What's the name of the desert where Tidus first encounters Cid?
Nubian Desert
Sahara Desert
Besaid Desert
Sanubia Desert
Calm Desert

Question 8:What is Seymour's Final form called?
Omni Seymour
Seymour Mortibody
Seymour Natus
Seymour Guado
Seymour Omnis

Question 9:What is the beast guardian of Bevelle called?
Evrae Altana
Evil Wyrm
Bevelle Holy Dragon
Sanctuary Keeper

Question 10:Where does Yuna acquire the Aeon, Shiva?
Gagazet Temple
Besaid Temple
Mi'ihen Temple
Macalania Temple
Kilika Temple

Question 11:What is the name of the Historian you run into several times during your quest?
Luzzu and Gatta

Question 12:At the end of the game what does Yuna do when she's standing on the dock overlooking the ocean?
Hugging Tidus
Summoning her strongest aeon
Pitching pebbles into the sea

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