Final Fantasy VI Boss Quiz
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Final Fantasy VI Boss Quiz

The Greatest Game of All Time has existed for over ten years, but so few actually make a quiz about it. What boss character are YOU?

Question 1:How would you describe your leadership qualities?
Follower of the pack
Hiding within the midst
Leader of the pack
Independent from alliances
Whichever serves me the best

Question 2:Let's say you find $20 attached to a string lying on the ground. What do you do?
Ask others to grab it and see if there's a trap.
Make plans to use the money before even touching it.
Don't take it altogether - stealing is wrong.
Have no interest - existence must be solved first.
Grab the cash - don't be such a paranoid wuss.

Question 3:If you lived in medieval times, who would you say you associate with the most?
The Rogue
The Scholar
The Knight
The Jester
The King

Question 4:You eat dinner at a restaurant and discover that the waitress ripped you off ten dollars! What do you do?
Pull out your daily journal to plan her execution.
Smile and burn her house down the next morning.
Bring it to her attention and inform her of the mistake.
Decide she's worth ten dollars and eat her.
Pity that she does not understand the world.

Question 5:How would you describe your personality?
Courageous and brave.
Powerful and strong.
All-knowing and Omnipotent
Cunning and ill-tempered.
Manipulative and jealous

Question 6:Let's say you take over the world. What would be your first goal as supreme ruler?
Propose peace among all who may not like me.
Change the color of the sky, blue looks like crap.
What are you talking about? I AM ruler.
Something crazy, like banning seafood everywhere.
Kill in the name of the knowledge of the universe.

Question 7:Your army just lost a battle to the rebels! What do you do?
Have more troops brought in to destroy them.
Plan a personal vendetta against those people.
Use your valiant sword skills to battle the rebel leader.
Run, you may live to fight another day.
I do not lose battles, I will not fight what I cannot win.

Question 8:Four of your friends and you plan on going out to the bars. You are...
...the bartender.
...the quiet drunk
...the designated driver.
...the obnoxious regular
...the reason why they're going.

Question 9:Robert Frost said the world should end in either fire or ice... With the power of magic, how would you destroy the world?
Ancient Sealed Magic
Light Magic
Fire Magic
Magic is unfair
Water Magic

Question 10:You've met a fellow bad guy just as evil as you are, if not more! What do you do?
Use him as a secret weapon when you lose a fight.
Wait 'til he has served his purpose, then kill the threat.
I work with no one. I am the greatest.
Make peace with him and explain your values.
Con him into working under you.

Question 11:Your most vile enemies have just asked for a truce! Hmmmm...
There is no peace in this world, only war.
Immediately work with them to ensure peace remains.
See what they can do for you, but in the end, kill them.
I do not care for alliances. Heroes taste like chicken.
Prepare dinner for them, but use them to their potential.

Question 12:What personality traits do you find most attractive in a person?
Obedience, willing to obey your every command.
I have never really liked humans in the first place.
Creative and eccentric, perhaps a mental disorder.
Nothing, really. As long as they don't eat seafood.
Trustworthy, someone who will always be with you.

Question 13:Describe your childhood (up to age 18)...
Talented, people were jealous but I never acted higher.
Learned clerical skills for lower-class jobs.
Fairly rich, family owned a Mercedes and a nice house.
Never really achieved anything, born in servitude.
Up to18? That was 75,000 years ago, can't remember.

Question 14:Which of these philosophies do you MOST associate with?
The meaning of life is to ensue chaos and war.
The only way for peace to exist is to kill all living things.
This world is ours for the taking, and we should succeed.
Life is like a box of chocolates... EAT THEM ALL!!!
We could all be allies if we didn't have sides to choose.

Question 15:Let's get straight to business. You want to take over the world, but how do you do it?
I exterminate anyone who dares to oppose me.
I gather my troops to invade opposing countries.
I fight in fair battles to ensure peace and victory.
I ponder existence until I am prepared for battle.
I repeatedly battle the heroes to annoy them to death.

This Quiz has been designed by Rob "Kefka" Galbreath.