Are You a Final Fantasy X and X-2 Genius?
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Are You a Final Fantasy X and X-2 Genius?

This isn't too hard. Didn't wanna give you too much of a headache.

Question 1:   What's the code name for Yuna, Rikku, and Paine?
The Yuna Clan
Yuna, Rikku, and Paine

Question 2:   How many years was it since Sin was destroyed by Braska, Auron, and Jecht?
Sin wasn't defeated
What's Sin?

Question 3:   Who's Gippal?
Leader of New Yevon
Leader of the Youth League
Leader of the Machine Faction
Yuna's boyfriend

Question 4:   What was Tidus?
A dream
A wish
A person
A complete and total HUNK!
A name

Question 5:   What's Al Bhed?
A town
An airship
A word that begins with the letter "A"
A language
A person's name

Question 6:   What the heck is an airship?
a flying train
a brand of applesause
Um...a ship... in the air?
Another word that begins with the letter "A"
A type of person that speaks Al Bhed

Question 7:   How many years was it since the eternal calm before Tidus was finally found?
He was never found
Tidus was never lost

Question 8:   Why was Auron an unsent?
He was trying to take over the world
He wanted to stay with his lover, Shuyin
He was keeping a promise
He thought death would be boring
He wanted to slaughter some more fiends before he died

Question 9:   What did Seymour force Yuna to do?
Make love to him
Save the world with him
Marry him
Hold his hand
Touch his toes

Question 10:   Where did Tidus and Yuna makeout?
Yuna made out with Rikku! Not Tidus!

Question 11:   What does Rikku wear in FFX-2?
Green shorts, orange/brown shirt
Black shorts, White Shirt, a half-pant thingy on the left leg, and a pink hood
A scarf, bikini, and mini skirt
A Blitzball Uniform

Question 12:   What's Blitzball?
A game of cards involving six potatoes
A competitive underwater sport
A band
A club
The nickname I gave my dick

Question 13:   What's Sphere Break?
A game involving cards
A game involving breaking a sphere
The name for an Overdrive in FFX-2
What do I care?
I don't know

Question 14:   Who does Rikku like? (suspicion)
Wakka (you would think so...)

Question 15:   What are the two greatest FF games in the world?
Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
I don't know. I only wanted to see if I was a genius or not.
My thumb
Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Jak ll
I don't play video games. It's against my religion.

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