Final Fantasy master test (7 8 9 + 10)
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Final Fantasy master test (7 8 9 + 10)

This is a test made by me, Suicide42, and it will test your FF skills to the limit. It ONLY involves Final fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 10- no others.

Question 1:   which is the only main character not to use a sword?

Question 2:   Which game does the only optional character appear in?
Final fantasy 8
Final fantasy 9
Final fantasy 10
Final fantasy 7

Question 3:   Which game comes with LESS than 4 discs?
Final fantasy 7
Final fantasy 8
Final fantasy 9
There are two
Final fantasy 10

Question 4:   Which version of the game Final fantasy 7 did the ruby and emerald weapons NOT appear in?
The original japanese version
The american version
The european version
The american and european version
none, there are no "ruby" or "emerald" weapons

Question 5:   What is the maximum damage limit in ANY game?
There is no limit

Question 6:   How many games did an "ultimate weapon" (enemy) appear in?
None of them
Final fantasy 7, and 8
All of them
Final fantasy 7 and 10

Question 7:   what is Cloud's ultimate move, which is also the most powerful attack in the game?
Knights of the round table
**** off you nasty monster

Question 8:   Who is the boss you fight after Aries is killed in FF7?
Aries' ghost
your mum

Question 9:   What are the only two characters (who are part of your team) to die?
Areis and Cloud
Areis and Tidus
Aries and fat chocobo
Aries only

Question 10:   And finally... out of all the final fantasy games in this quiz, how many airships are there in total that you fly (not including FMVs etc)?

This Quiz has been designed by Suicide42 (J. wragg).