Final Fantasy 7

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  • 1
    When the game starts, you are able to pick up two of an item. What is it?
  • 2
    What two magic attacks does Cloud start off with?
  • 3
    When you defeat the Guard Scorpion, what item do you get, and how much time do you have to escape the reactor?

  • 4
    You arrive at a bar once you meet back up with the team. What is the name of the bar and who runs it?
  • 5
    Cloud, Tifa and Barret go to a reactor and are encountered by President Shinra. What boss do you fight afterwards?
  • 6
    Cloud falls down into a church and meets Aerith for the second time. Where does he meet her the first time? Who enters the church trying to take her?

  • 7
    What Independent Materia can be found by Aerith's house?
  • 8
    Who do you try to save at Don Conero's Mansion?
  • 9
    Who do you fight at the top of the plate's pillar?
  • 10
    What team member is added to the group in the Shin-Ra Corporate Tower?

  • 11
    What city does Cloud tell his life story?
  • 12
    What is the name of the boss in the grassland marsh?
  • 13
    What is the name of the girl you save in Jounon, and what Summon Materia does she give you?
  • 14
    What does Cloud promise to take Aerith on someday? *You see it once to get to upper Jounon.*
  • 15
    Cloud dresses up as a soldier. What does Barret dress up as?
  • 16
    What boss do you fight on the boat?

  • 17
    What town is Barret from?
  • 18
    Who gives the team a car for their adventure?
  • 19
    What does Barret have to give Marlene?
  • 20
    Who was from Gonga? What Summon Materia can be found there?

  • 21
    What is the combination for the safe in Sephiroth's Mansion?
  • 22
    What does Vincent say just before he joins your team?
  • 23
    What boss do you fight in Mt. Nibel?
  • 24
    What is Nanaki's father's name and joins the team for the boss fight in the Cave of Gi?
  • 25
    Who joins the team at Rocket town, and who did he/she work for?
  • 26
    Who do you fight for the Tiny Bronco?

  • 27
    In the Ancient Temple, who is there?
  • 28
    What boss gives you the Summon Materia, Bahamut?
  • 29
    The Demon Gate has how much health?
  • 30
    What Magic Materia and Summon Materia do you find in the Forgotten City and Sleeping Forest?

  • 31
    Aerith is praying for Holy and Cloud pulls out his sword. Someone then comes and kills her. Who?
  • 32
    What comes out of Aerith's hair when she gets killed?
  • 33
    What boss do you fight after Sephiroth runs off?
  • 34
    What is Jenova's attack in that fight?
  • 35
    Where does Cloud leave Aerith's body?
  • 36
    Cloud has a vision of Sephiroth going somewhere. Where does he go next? *Via world map.*
  • 37
    What Turk is in Icicle Inn?
  • 38
    What do you need to get to the snow labyrinth?
  • 39
    Where do you go to get Neo Bahamut?
  • 40
    What are all the "Guys in Black" going for?
  • 41
    What Jenova do you fight here?
  • 42
    What is woken up to defend the planet?
  • 43
    How many WEAPON's are there?
  • 44
    Tifa gets knocked out and sent to Jounon. How long was she asleep for?
  • 45
    What does Tifa use to help her get out or the gas chamber?
  • 46
    How is Tifa able get to the "Sister Ray"?
  • 47
    Where do Tifa and the crew go to find Cloud?
  • 48
    Tifa stays behind with Cloud. What is the rest of the crews mission?
  • 49
    Cloud and Tifa fall into Lifestream. What does this part of the game portray?
  • 50
    Midgar plans on using what to drop Sephiroth's shield to the Nothern Cave?
  • 51
    What WEAPON do you fight before re-entering Midgar?
  • 52
    How do you enter Midgar?
  • 53
    What boss do you fight before Hojo?
  • 54
    Who's Ultimate Weapon CAN you find before the fight with Hojo?
  • 55
    What do you find out about Hojo before you fight him?
  • 56
    How many forms does Hojo have?
  • 57
    Cloud and Tifa both are going to defeat Sephiroth. Who is the first person you see in the Highwind?
  • 58
    What does Cloud call Vincent?
  • 59
    What does the pilot finally become?
  • 60
    What does the Highwind get when changed?
  • 61
    What does Ultimate WEAPON's death explosion let you go?
  • 62
    Emerald WEAPON can be fought where?
  • 63
    Cloud and everyone split up in the Nothern Cave. Where do they all meet?
  • 64
    What Independent Materia can be found in the Nothern Cave?
  • 65
    What Magic Materia can be found in the Nothern Cave?
  • 66
    What Jenova do you fight in the Northern Cave?
  • 67
    When you fight Bizarre Sephiroth, what does he first use?
  • 68
    Savior Sephiroth has 3 never before seen attacks. What are they?
  • 69
    When Sephiroth calls Cloud back for a final showdown, what music is playing and what attack does Cloud unleash against him?
  • 70
    When the game is about to go off, Lifestream come to annihilate Meteor; you then see everyones face. Who is last to see?
  • 71
    Where can you get Bahamut ZERO?
  • 72
    What is the strongest Summon Materia called? *Strongest Materia ^^*
  • 73
    Cloud's Omnislash does about how many hits?
  • 74
    Final Heaven is whose last Limit Break?
  • 75
    What is the only positive status in the game that can only be achieve by one skill?

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