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    Who was the purple man?

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129 days ago
dude, fredbear did the bite!

Their restraunt did open in 1983, maybe. But, the bite of 87 DID happen not the bite of 83. Ur just thinking of the TV SHOW that came out IN 1983
550 days ago
This was a good quiz, just hope you could add more questions and to make them more hard. But I still liked it!
754 days ago
Okay! I want to be fully honest here.
Firts of all nobody knows who caused the bite of 87 it wasn’t Fredbear or Springbonnie because their resturant was open in 1983 and (spoiler) Fredbear is responsible for the bite of 1983 and not 1987 as many people think... but i guess this quiz was done some time ago so i understand ya making some mistakes. Another one is that there were many more then 6 children killed because William Afton killed kids for such a long time that every animatronic is possessed with their souls. And also you may wanna come up with some better wrong alternatives because there was one question where it stood something like ”what does the animatronic do to you?” And it says 2 right options the first one is staring at you and the second is of course stuffing you into a Freddy Fazbear’s costume.
But hope you’re doing better in making quizes and i wish you the best of luck!
793 days ago
DO YOU KNOW WHAT FALSE MEANS? I put false on for the puppet one as he doesnt have any of the colures on him so i put FALSE! Also i put tfreddy caused the bit eof 87 and about 3 of those answers were TRUE! But later on you had who caused the bite and i put freddy and it was right! Learn your fnaf logic before making a quiz!
838 days ago
its good but you made 2 large mistakes which would trigger Scott Cawthon the maker of the game, mistake number 1 the purple guy killed six kids who gave life to; the puppet, freddy, foxy, chica, bonnie and golden freddy. Mistake number 2 is the anamotronic that caused the bite of 87 is fredbear from fredbear and springbonnie's family diner.
847 days ago
I loved this quiz! FNAF forever
849 days ago
I love this fnaf quiz it flew me away😍😀💥💥💥
849 days ago
I love the new game 😍❤️💙 but I'm not going to get in to it with the jump scares 😂😅 it's completely different from the jump scares the whole time 😒 I played a game on the whole time I had to get in the jump scares the whole day and I love you ever made it anyway but I played a lot on the whole day and I love the jump scares like if you agree
878 days ago
we know who did the bite it was foxy . golden Freddy has a child in him as in the happiest day minigame. mangle bites the nightguard. fredbears was in 1983. Come on and watch game theory to get your facts strait
878 days ago
foxy does the bite of 87 mate
905 days ago
I'm sorry I'm just so mad I'm not trying to hate but I am sooooo mad
905 days ago
omg this test is the worst how am I sport no know the FANART I only pay attention to the FANF characters
948 days ago
A lot of these questions are repeating the same answer and you would get the wrong answer if you put the same, but differently said answer, I got 3 questions wrong because of this and in a previous question it says that freddy does not cause the bite of 87 then in a later question it says that freddy does cause the bite of 87. it makes no sense
975 days ago
These questions are wrong !!!! ik fnaf ever since it came out and half of these questions are wrong!
977 days ago
BOI I've been playing FNaF since I was 6 (don't judge:3) and as far as I know everything I said was CORRECT so it ain't fair that the test be saying that I'm wrong T^T
986 days ago
amm there are 6 kids kiled by afton and fredbear cause the bite of 83 not 87
1022 days ago
NOTE: I am not trying to be a hater!
first of all you need to review all of your questions and answers, second of all this quiz is sadly obvious that you aren't even a fnaf fan, the puppet isn't yellow! So I am very disappointed and shocked to have a quiz like this.... Maybe you need to take a quiz yourself.
1031 days ago
this is stupid the puppet dosn't were yellow and foxy did the bite of 87 ..... and its bonnie who only loves chica :(
1080 days ago
no. There were more than 5 kids murdered. Gabriel, Jeremy, Suzie, fritz. Cassidy, Charlie, Elizabeth, and more.
1083 days ago
Maybe you should take a fnaf test instead =_=