Five Nights At Freddy's- How well do you know the animatronics?

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How well?

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    Explain how Mangle may have caused The Bite.

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3 days ago
Well, I got 15/20 and I can’t tell whether that’s a good or bad thing-
70 days ago
and also mangle could not have caused the bite of 87 because toy bonnie or (withered or not withered, google is really weird so idk) foxy could have done it
70 days ago
not to be mean to you people who say fredbear was bite of 87... but yalls have it the turned around (what it really is: who caused the bite of 1983, The bite of '83 (you can see the year in another minigame on a television) and the bite of '87. The bite of '83 happened at the crying child's birthday party during the Fredbear stage of FFP. Then, in FNAF 2, the next game timeline-wise, another bite happened, presumably Mangle did it, AND, who caused the bite of 1987, clic the dang link and read the highlighted part and the 2 parahgraphs below, and again, not to be mean what-so ever, just putting the what really happned, so please dont hate...)
74 days ago
Sweet, now I know that 19/20 is 100%! Good to know people still don’t know what the hell they are doing 👍
74 days ago
While yes Fred bear was the bite of 87.. foxy was the bite of 83, not Mangle. Also since you were talking about Withered Freddy and Withered Bonnie not their og forms it’s confusing by calling them Bonnie and Freddy, the only question I got wrong was the withered Bonnie one since it was not phrased properly, also also will I did love the whole quiz it had many false information. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
76 days ago
im confussed people think mangle is a dog but there isnt any proof because mangle has voicelines she say "soon youll be just like me beautiful" she also says "now its my turn to play take apart and put back together" and dogs cant talk so the theory has no answer
76 days ago
also there is a high chance mangle did cause the bite of 87 bc when you get jumpscared by her its in your upper lobe (your forehead) the bite of 87 was in there upper lobe but its not confirmed it was her
76 days ago
for the mangle gender thing its a girl AND a boy because its a bunch of different parts the parts of mangle could be girl parts could be boy parts but they are mixed and matched so i think its both genders wait sorry the gender is YES
77 days ago
so, on 5 and 7, they were talking about the whithereds,right? AND IF YOU WERE QUIZ, YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT WITHERED BONNIE AND WHITHERED FREDDY! (and also the bite of 83 is from fred bears family diner and bite of 87 is from fnaf 2)
223 days ago
Mangle was not the cause of bite'87...
253 days ago
Mom come pick me up I'm scared FNAF kinda scary
298 days ago
16 / 20 i only watch them brush
330 days ago
Payton; Mangle was originally male, but Scott eventually said that fans could decide the gender. Personally I think Mangle is female too though.
336 days ago
I'm attracted to noise wait wa dat LEL!!!XD
348 days ago
Mangle is a girl not a boy and Freddy isn’t the leader marionette is
402 days ago
I got them all right the first time!
446 days ago
"Chica a duck or a chicken?" don't called "Duck" her Chica.
I asked her.. she says "yeah, im not Duck!" she did told me that. (Before) if you called "Duck" Chica... she'll can kill you that easy. they knows.
446 days ago
"Did Foxy cause the bite of 87?" no. Foxy did not killed kid death.
know why he did gave him Foxy have problem. Mike Schmidt hated kids.
mean himself. I can't Blamed that (Freddy Fazbear, Fredbear, Foxy and Mangle, Golden Freddy)
519 days ago
It wasn't foxie or mangle who caused the bite of 87 it was fredbear i have proof if you search "who caused the bite of 1987" it will say that it was fredbear
537 days ago
idk anymore plz help