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How much do you know?

  • 1
    When did Michael get bit?
  • 2
    Who is SpringTrap?
  • 3
    Who is Foxy's soul related to?

  • 4
    Is the joy of creation part of the FNAF series?
  • 5
    What time does Golden Freddy come out?
  • 6
    Is Golden Freddy a fake or real animatronic?

  • 7
    When is the FNAF 2 birthday?
  • 8
    Are the phantoms real or fake?
  • 9
    Is purple guy dead?
  • 10
    Who is the main character of the whole series?

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116 days ago
There are two bites. Bite of '83 and Bite of '87. There are also two victims. Crying child and Jeremy Fitzgerald. the two animatronics who caused the bites were fredbear(bite of '83) and mangle(bite of '87). Crying child(proved by Mat Pat) is not michael, but is in fact mike's younger brother. Michael Afton (given nickname michaeleggscasualbongosafton by mat pat) is foxy bro. At the end of sisterlocation Michael says this "Father,Its me michael"meaning hes talking to william. in a fnaf 3 minigame you can see william going into springbonnie which means will is in springtrap
262 days ago
But this was a long time ago, so I understand.
262 days ago
Actually, most of these are wrong. You see, the bite happens in'83 , confirmed by Scott as he noted he would clear up unintended misunderstandings in the next game. After FNaF 4 came Sister Location, and the password in the private room is 1983. It has also been confirmed by Scott that William is the one is Springtrap, not Michael, backed up by Henry's speech at the end of FNaF 6, telling his old friend that the darkest pits of hell opened up for you while S💗trap is shown burning, and why would he say that, unless its William in the suit since William killed the six children. Also, Michael's soul is not linked with Foxy. There is absolutely no reason for him to be linked with Foxy, or should i say, Fritz's soul. And he isn't Nightmare Foxy either since these are illiusons made by the iliuson disks. One of the questions ask if Purple Guy is dead; be real. At this point, everyone knows there are two purple guys. But this can be excused as both are dead. One scooped, one springlocked. And also, FNaF is a family affair; it is not a story about a haunted pizzaria. Golden Freddy is also a real animatronic; he is possesed by Cassidy. I'm sorry if i come off as rude
1134 days ago
Micheal was never bitten, William Afton (purple guy) is springtrap, foxy's soul is from one of the dead kids which aren't related to any animatronic, phantom puppet is real, and purple guy is dead what we think is purple guy is actually his ghost.
1189 days ago
Some of these are never varified in the series
1190 days ago