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Let's see if you know your FnaF

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    In the ultimate custom night, who of the following talks after you die?

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818 days ago
"DANGIT SCOTT!"- everyone trying to figure out fnaf's theory
820 days ago
Jeff the Fnaf nerd In the storyline Fnaf 2 would be first But how would they have withreds IF Fnaf 2 Would come first.
828 days ago
I feel like I speak for a lot of people here 1. Henry didn’t posses the puppet it was his daughter Scott gave puppet a female voice there for it’s Charlotte 2.how in the actually are the withered animatronics fake I actually was so offended I had to go back and play fnaf 2 again 3. S🌻 trap was sent to hell because he murdered 5 children why would s🌻 baby go to hell? She didn’t do anything 4. There’s no scooper in fnaf 1 I’m hoping this was a miss click or something because I’m sorry my friend u need some serious play throughs. stop get some help and watch more matpat
839 days ago
Most of the questions I got right like “ who got sent to hell” is suppose to be springtrap not s🕊 baby!
849 days ago
I honestly think its Toy freddy because in the storyline fnaf 2 would be first and fnaf 2 is in 1987!
In FNAF 1 you there is a sighn that sais the saftey rules and one of them is dont toutch freddy.
849 days ago
867 days ago
i got the one about the not real animatronics and it said the withered animatronics (
869 days ago
Ok 👮! HENRY DOES NOT POSSESS PUPPET!! Charlotte does! Scott gave puppet a female voice in UCN!!!! YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT CHARLOTTE POSSESSES PUPPET IN THE FNAF MINIGAMES!! Obviously you are not a fan of fnaf, because you have no knowledge of the lore at all!!!!! Have you even PLAYED fnaf?! The scooper is NOT in fnaf 1!!!! It's in SISTER LOCATION, DUH!!!!!! Which is FNAF 5!! GOLDEN FREDDY WASN'T EVEN IN THE CUTSCENES IN FNAF 6!! Puppet was not burned!! I only got 8 OUT OF 14 WHICH IS TRASH!! Catch up on the lore and maybe PLAY THE GAMES before you go making a useless quiz for the fans who actually know the answers!
869 days ago
you have no good fnaf knowledge
877 days ago
You are such a noob
You have to watch game theory
887 days ago
Most of these answers are so wrong, go watch some MatPat and catch up! *sassy hair flick*
891 days ago
In The puppet is possed by Henrys daughter,And golden freddy was never burned in fnaf pizza simulator
891 days ago
And The joy of Creation was not Created by Scott (Fnaf creator)
891 days ago
I thought Springtrap/S💋trap is just Willam Afton in a spring-lock suit.
899 days ago
I mad at you! Puppet is possessed by Henry’s daughter because it says that in the ending of fnaf 6.
901 days ago
the question are definitely wrong.Afton dies in the fire.Dont make me call you a bin weville! XD XD XD XD XD

904 days ago
Wrong wrong wrong! These question answers are all wrong!
906 days ago
Wait.. Jacko-chica isnt in ucn, but she has a voice.
And seriously, bro, soooo many of these questions were wrong on your behalf.
907 days ago
For question 6, what! Haw was I wrong, I said death animatronic, that doesn’t exist in the game so it is a fake version of the animatronics, the withered ones are in fnaf two., it’s technically the normal ones but all broken and old, withered means old. SO I DUNT UNDASTAND Y EET WUZ RONGGGG!???pink??? ??? ?!! !?!
907 days ago
I did get almost all of them correct, it's just that you don't know anything about fnaf at all. Puppet is possessed by Henry's daughter; as shown in a minigame. Puppet is burned in fnaf 6, not golden freddy, because they were captured by lefty, and lefty was in the building. The scooper is so obviously not in fnaf 1, it's fnaf 5. Golden freddy is possessed by crying child, that is a boy and almost all the names for that question but 1 were girls names. There is such thing as withered animatronics, there is no death animatronics. In joy of creation, you are not Michael Afton. And Afton is sent to hell in fnaf6, not s👮 baby. Afton was the murderer of so many children, baby only killed one.