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Hello! This quiz was made out of frustration. Many fnaf quizzes on here either credit the wrong answers, or they ask questions such as “what animatronic did the bite of ‘87” which has never been confirmed. So, if anyone else out there is as sick of it as I am, this is for you.

  • 1
    As of fnaf 6, how many different versions of Freddy are there in total?
  • 2
    Which animatronic ends up being possessed by a child named Elizabeth?
  • 3
    In fnaf 4, what does the animatronic Nightmare represent?

  • 4
    In fnaf 2, which two animatronics are not fooled by the fake Freddy head?
  • 5
    What is the term used to describe the ‘soul energy’ stuff that gives the animatronics their life.
  • 6
    Who was the first animatronic to be possessed by a child?

  • 7
    Which Afton is the infamous purple guy?
  • 8
    In fnaf 3, who is the only animatronic that can actually kill you?
  • 9
    What is the name of the child who possesses Golden Freddy?
  • 10
    In Ultimate Custom Night, who is the only animatronic the death coin does not work on?

  • 11
    In fnaf 1, who is the only animatronic the can kill you after you fully run out of power?
  • 12
    In fnaf 6, what is the purpose of the animatronic Lefty
  • 13
    Which of the following is not a canon animatronic from fnaf 4?
  • 14
    What is the canon ending of Sister Location?
  • 15
    Who is the man responsible for bringing us Five Nights at Freddy’s?

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1681 days ago
Oh....Just saying...umm.........wasn't the puppet possessed first and not Chica? Because didn't the puppet put the soul of a child in Chica and the others..Just my opinion...oh and also the bite of 87' actually has been confirmed...I myself just doesn't know..some people know tho...umm by the way I'm sorry for being like this... I'm probably wrong too or your right and I'm wrong...eheh....yeah SORRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I'm very sorry for putting this out.....also it was just a saying........but hey? That's just a theory! A game theory!