The Ultimate FNaF Quiz

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An quiz including the 8 games, FNAF 1 FNAF 2 FNAF 3 FNAF 4 FNAF SL FFPS UCN and FNAF VR HW.

Can you answer all of these?

  • 1
    How can Freddy kill you?
  • 2
    Where does Bonnie go?
  • 3
    How does Chica make noise?

  • 4
    How does Foxy kill you?
  • 5
    Where Golden Freddy teleports to?
  • 6
    In FNAF VR, How you repair the animatronics?

  • 7
    In UCN, How do you summon Fredbear?
  • 8
    In FFPS, what is this game disguised as?
  • 9
    In FNAF 2, Which one the animatronics are not fooled by the mask?
  • 10
    In FNAF 3, can the phantoms kill you?

  • 11
    In UCN, what does DD do?
  • 12
    In FNAF 4, what is Nightmare Mode titled?
  • 13
    In FNAF 2, which animatronic can "help" you?
  • 14
    In FNAF 3, which animatronic can only kill you?
  • 15
    In all games, whats the smallest office?
  • 16
    In FFPS, what animatronic has high risk?

  • 17
    In FFPS, Which animatronic "helps" you?
  • 18
    In UCN, Which animatronic "helps" you?
  • 19
    In UCN, which animatronic has the longest dialogue?
  • 20
    In FNAF VR, What's the spring bonnie's name?

  • 21
    BONUS: What is the upcoming FNaF game?
  • 22
    In FNaF 3 and FFPS, Who is inside Springtrap and Scraptrap?
  • 23
    In FNaF VR, how were you able to turn on the tv?
  • 24
    In UCN, How diff is 50/20
  • 25
    In FNaF, whats in the kitchen?
  • 26
    In FNaF VR, is there a secret code?

  • 27
    In FNaF 2, what is the most diff to ward off?
  • 28
    In FNaF SL, does the extras show all animatronics?
  • 29
    In FNaF SL, is there a child in Funtime Freddy?
  • 30
    In FNaF SL, which animatronic acts like Golden Freddy?

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5 days ago
Hi I love this quiz ty :)
14 days ago
18/30 yesss👏👏👏👏

Well I mean it’s not the best but whatever..😝
Have a great day
50 days ago
22/30 yeah boi kinda good
58 days ago
17 out 30 sliver Freddy BOI
71 days ago
this quiz was pretty good but some questions where wrong but it was a pretty good quiz 7/10
have a good day people
80 days ago
this quiz was kinda easy
90 days ago
On one question, I chose the right answer, but then it said I didn't choose that answer. It was the one about 'How to summon Fredbear?'
91 days ago
I’m SpringTrap, and also I am William Afton, so if you need that awnser and you look at the comments before each test, I have all the facts about SpringTrap.
123 days ago
Maybe you could say the full name of the game because I got a little confused and a few of the answers were wrong but apart from that GREAT JOB.
129 days ago
Some of this was wrong but great job!
136 days ago
this is a amazing quiz and btw some answers i pressed was real but i will change
143 days ago
I did the quiz and the results told me I chose the wrong answer even when I pressed a completely different answer
145 days ago
arg mangle what was you score i be wonderen
145 days ago
hello everybody and hi ballora
158 days ago
idk most of these bc sl is my fave and ik alot abt it
168 days ago
Some are incorrect info... but, most of it was really good.
175 days ago
This Website Is So Good!
179 days ago
Some of them were wrong but this test was amazing and cool. Good job!
193 days ago
Yeeeeeeeee this isn't 100% true but awesome test
194 days ago
some wrong but overall cool