The Ultimate FNaF Quiz

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An quiz including the 8 games, FNAF 1 FNAF 2 FNAF 3 FNAF 4 FNAF SL FFPS UCN and FNAF VR HW. Note I changed some questions due to my grammar being back then. Also note I changed a few answers.

Updated version here:

  • 1
    How can Freddy kill you?
  • 2
    Where does Bonnie go?
  • 3
    How does Chica make noise?

  • 4
    How does Foxy kill you?
  • 5
    Where does Golden Freddy teleport to?
  • 6
    In FNAF VR, which mode allows you to fix animatronics?

  • 7
    In UCN, How do you summon Fredbear?
  • 8
    In FFPS, what is the game disguised as?
  • 9
    In FNAF 2, Which animatronics are not fooled by your pathetic leather Freddy mask?
  • 10
    In FNAF 3, can the phantoms kill you?

  • 11
    In UCN, what does DeeDee do?
  • 12
    In FNAF 4, what is Nightmare Mode (originally) titled?
  • 13
    In FNAF 2, which animatronic can "help" you?
  • 14
    In FNAF 3, which animatronic can only kill you?
  • 15
    In all games, whats the smallest office?
  • 16
    In FFPS, what animatronic has high risk?

  • 17
    In FFPS, Which animatronic "helps" you?
  • 18
    In UCN, Which animatronic "helps" you?
  • 19
    In UCN, which animatronic has the longest dialogue?
  • 20
    In FNAF VR, What's the spring bonnie's name?

  • 21
    BONUS: What is the upcoming FNaF game?
  • 22
    In FNaF 3 and FFPS, Who is inside Springtrap and Scraptrap?
  • 23
    In FNaF VR, how were you able to turn on the tv?
  • 24
    In UCN, How diff is 50/20
  • 25
    In FNaF, whats in the kitchen?
  • 26
    In FNaF VR, is there a secret code?

  • 27
    In FNaF 2, what is the most diff to ward off?
  • 28
    In FNaF SL, does the extras show all animatronics?
  • 29
    In FNaF SL, is there a child in Funtime Freddy?
  • 30
    In FNaF SL, which animatronic acts like Golden Freddy?

Comments (44)


134 days ago
I liked the rest of it though good quiz 👍
134 days ago
Number 27 is a matter of opinion and I personally think that the marionette is harder than foxy 🤨
188 days ago
a lot of your answers were wrong and a true fnaf fan would know that.
202 days ago
Wow that was so good only 10 wrong I am so proud and this quiz has makes me smarter for FNAF
204 days ago
I got 13/30 i was just tried
233 days ago
I know a lot about fnaf but I have never seen fnaf1,2,3,4. But I do know a lot from SL all the way to the ty💑 game thingy
352 days ago
(Why in god's green earth did it put my comment twice and add emojis...?)
352 days ago
Easy 30/30! Even though some of it seemed fishy to me... *raises eyebrow* Anyway-

Freddy: Copycat, S😻 Baby tripped over Mr. Hippo again.

Copycat: What? Why?

Freddy: Ask that to Plushtrap, I think they set it up.

Funtime Foxy: Where the heck did Twisted Wolf go?

Copycat: Just another busy day on the stages...
394 days ago
Try the updated version!
409 days ago
Nice quiz and 10/10 even tho i got 20 out of 30
429 days ago
Hi I love this quiz ty :)
437 days ago
18/30 yesss👏👏👏👏

Well I mean it’s not the best but whatever..😝
Have a great day
474 days ago
22/30 yeah boi kinda good
482 days ago
17 out 30 sliver Freddy BOI
495 days ago
this quiz was pretty good but some questions where wrong but it was a pretty good quiz 7/10
have a good day people
504 days ago
this quiz was kinda easy
514 days ago
On one question, I chose the right answer, but then it said I didn't choose that answer. It was the one about 'How to summon Fredbear?'
515 days ago
I’m SpringTrap, and also I am William Afton, so if you need that awnser and you look at the comments before each test, I have all the facts about SpringTrap.
546 days ago
Maybe you could say the full name of the game because I got a little confused and a few of the answers were wrong but apart from that GREAT JOB.
552 days ago
Some of this was wrong but great job!