Find Out If You’re A FNAF Fan!

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This quiz will help you find out if you’re a true FNAF fan!

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    How many FNAF games are there?

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387 days ago
I might not make It I think I might just change it :/
440 days ago
Sorry I haven't made it yet, I have been busy.
451 days ago
Hello, I made another version, it is, Find Out If Your A FNAF Fan (Remake) If there are any mistakes, please message me.
451 days ago
Hello, I'm sorry for the mistakes, I will fix them asap.
457 days ago
Just gonna ignore that FNaF Security Breach is FNAF 9, meaning there is more than 8 games lol
470 days ago
9/10... i would've gotten 10/10, it said I got wrong, that apparently in FNaF 2, only one character can kill you, which is false, it's the case in FNaF 3, which I selected.
470 days ago
Hey "Foxy"-person who commented 47 days ago-... you do realize that some of those games you listed are fan-made, right?
517 days ago
You got the first question wrong, there is 13 fnaf games not 8.

Fnaf 1
Fnaf 2
Fnaf 3
Fnaf 4
Fnaf 5 (sister location)
Fnaf world
Freddy in space 2
Fnaf 6 (pizza sim)
Fnaf 7 (UCN)
FnF 8 (help wanted)
Fnaf furys rage
Fnaf AR
fnaf security breach

And then the question 8, that is not fnaf 2 and its fnaf 3 as most of the fnaf 2 charecters can kill you, and in fnaf 3 only springtrap can kill you.
520 days ago

You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions.
521 days ago
O h, sorry for mistakes I eant FNAF 3, ill fix that when i can i ghave to go to school
536 days ago
. . ThisQuizIsSoCool
550 days ago
8/10 pretty good except for question 8 the correct answer is actually FNAF 3. but other than that this quiz was really great :)
584 days ago
i got 6/10 still fine but vanny is in ucn and on question 8 the answer is actually fnaf 3 because only springtrap can kill you and you said the aswer was fnaf 2 but in fnaf 2 withered foxy,toy chica, toy freddy, withered chica, withered bonnie, toy bonnie, and mangle can kill you. only balloon boy cant kill you everyone else can. im truly sorry if i sound rude :)
593 days ago
i got an 8 of 10 in this test, it was awsome