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Fortnite Quiz

So how much do you actually know about this sandbox survival instant classic? Enough to save Planet Earth after 98 percent of its inhabitants disappeared in a worldwide storm? Take this quiz to see if you have the knowledge needed to banish the zombies and safely restore your fellow Earthlings to their beloved home! See if you REALLY know Fortnite now!

  • 1
    Fortnite is a free game
    Fortnite is a free game
  • 2
    You can play Fortnite with more than six people
  • 3
    Fortnite is for PS4 only

  • 4
    Fortnite is a very popular game
  • 5
    Fortnite has hidden places
  • 6
    Fortnite allows you to become a different character if/when you want

  • 7
    Fortnite allows you to swap weapons with your teammates
  • 8
    Fortnite has a fireworks launcher
  • 9
    Fortnite allows you to kill people with a Boogie Bomb
  • 10
    You could spend money on Fortnite if you wanted to

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705 days ago
Lol lexa aint hot shes just cute.. bruh im a girl hehe and add me on fortnite @ animemiss, i got 9/10 and i didnt play in season 1 chapter 1 lol.... can yall pros add me i'll play some duos/trios/squads. I took a weird test im 100% looney
709 days ago
10/10 and tf dude who say ¨tHe LeXa SkIn Is HoT tOoOoOoOoO hOt¨ (i actully wore the lexa skin all da time till now ︶^︶) 🤣
718 days ago
lol i got 9/10 and i dont even played but i have a few times on mobile cuz my brother wanted me to
754 days ago
lol btw i got 10/10 ngl
754 days ago
lol u are saying that the lexa skin is hot? no it is bad and no one will use it thats final
754 days ago
what????????? u where saying???
755 days ago
toooooooooooooooooo hot
755 days ago
yo the lexa skin is hot
755 days ago
ok now 9/10 gg lol
756 days ago
ok now i got 8/10 gg
756 days ago
yo if u see this pls reply
756 days ago
btw i cant play fortnite :(:(:(:(
756 days ago
gg 6/10 lol its good
762 days ago
Hii omg i just got a new skin on fortnite it was 2 something but I love THis it was ez
958 days ago
this is a great quiz
983 days ago
This is DOG💗!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1053 days ago
This test si so good
1067 days ago
10/10 and were in chapter 2 season 2 already!!
1111 days ago
i like turtels
1220 days ago
who else loves Ninja?