Fortnite Battle Royale True/False Quiz

Think you know Fortnite Battle Royale? Your quiz result will show how much you know - or don't. Are you a know-it-all or just a newbie? Find out now by answering "True" or "False" to these 15 test questions. And please share with your Fortnite-loving friends!

  • 1/15
    You can hold up to 10 mini-shield potions in one slot of your inventory.
    You can hold up to 10 mini-shield potions in one slot of your inventory.

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331 days ago
Nooooooo klombo is sill gone waaaaaaaaaaaaa
370 days ago
1051 days ago
ive been playing ever since its came out
1083 days ago
I been playing since season 6 and I'm still bad lol
1089 days ago
but i have been playing since chapter 1 season 1
1089 days ago
the quiz just restarted me for no reason what so ever
1091 days ago
I'm playing season 15 and have never played before chapter 2
1130 days ago
i am playing only chap. 2 season 1 2 3
1181 days ago
I dunno any of this I've only been playing since chap. 2 season 1
1215 days ago
Didn't fortnite die like in January?
1217 days ago
bruh i started playing in chapter 2 season 1 i dunno any of dis
1237 days ago
I’ve played for a while but now it’s chapter 2 season 3 and everything is different. I thought this was updated.
1316 days ago
I got 15/15 I'm gooooooooooooood
1316 days ago
I've played it since the rocket launch
1323 days ago
i got 15/15 cause i played since season 1
1324 days ago
I didn't start playing till It was in season 8 so I only got 7/15
1594 days ago
I didn’t start playing till season 4 so I didn’t know most of the season 3 questions
1607 days ago
I am a ninja jrjekdbrix
1626 days ago
me and the crew #thecrew
1652 days ago
Bum stinky feet poop sweet