So... You think you're a devoted video gamer?
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So... You think you're a devoted video gamer?

So... you stay up all night hunched over your GBA... Play some GCN during every spare moment you have? Turn on your XBox every once in a while? Just how devoted a video gamer are you? This test will prove your loyalty! Let's begin!

Question 1:How often do you play video games?
A few hours a day.
Once every few days
Only when I have free time
I don't play video games. (Then what are you doing on this quiz??)

Question 2:Do you see the sun at all each day, or are you too busy gaming?
I am intrigued by this notion of a "Sun." I assume it is a light-giving celestial body? I've yet to see it.
The sky is red when I go outside...does that count?
I play my GBA on my deck, so I see the sun all day.
When I'm at work, I can see it from my office window. But at home with the video games, I cannot.
I spend all my time playing sports, joining clubs, and playing board games and stuff, so I see the sun all day every day. (Get offa my quiz!)

Question 3:Do you stop playing to go to the bathroom?
Hmm...that would explain the constant cramping in my stomach...
Yes, once every 12 hours.
Every time I gotta.
There's a bathroom in my office, so it's no problem.
I'm as regular as can be, because I don't get absorbed in video games! (I hate you)

Question 4:How do you rate boss battles in RPGs?
Fun, fun, fun!!!
The only boss I worry about is my supervisor...
I'm my own boss! (Then get off my quiz and get back to work!)

Question 5:How wrinkled are your thumbs?
I'm on my 7th box of bandages.
Like I took a 7 hour bath.
Not that bad
If they are wrinkled, it's from writing with this friggin pen all day, not from gaming.
Smooth as can be! (You lookin for trouble, buddy)

Question 6:How many accessories do you have for your systems?
I have Dolby Surroundsound and Crystalware Display...on my Game Boy Pocket.
Speakers, AC adapter, battery pack..all I need!
My AC adapter will see me through.
Between spending money on the office, the wife, and the kids, I have ZIP left to buy accessories.
My only accessory is my cup, for when I play soccer. (You on my sh*t list)

Question 7:Do you talk to your video games?
All the time! I've had many lively conversations with Ryu and Ken.
Only to tell a boss how pitiful they are after I knock them silly.
My colleagues would have me committed.
I talk only to REAL people. (Get outta here NOW!!!)

Question 8:Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?
Hang on, let me get my list...
Well, that one person in that RPG is kinda cute...
Ummm, no.
I have a wife, and no time to be oogling sprites on a screen.
You sick f*ck! (Get outta my face)

Question 9:Did you ever have a "dream" about the aforementioned character you fell in love with?
Every night!
Once. And they turned out to be trans.
After my wife and I are through, I have no dreams.
YOU SICK F*CK!!!! (I'm gonna kill you)

Question 10:Would you trade your best friend for the newest system?
I'd visit them on weekends...
It depends. Exactly how many polygons are we talking here?
No way. Just my sister
I often say to my wife I'll trade her for a Gamecube, but I never mean it.
No, cos I DON'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES! (Piss off!)

Question 11:Do you name your pets after video game characters?
Let's see... My hamster is named Yoshi, my dog is Chun Li, my cat is Duke Nukem...
My two goldfish are named Mario and Luigi...
Nah, Spot is good enough for me.
Can't afford any pets. Wife and kids, don't forget.
No pets. No time, cos I'm too busy outdoors. (You are a dead man!)

Question 12:Do you think you're a dedicated gamer?
I guess
Not really.
Nope, but I AM a dedicated paralegal!
I don't play video games. (Hello, is this Hit Men Express?)

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