Golden Sun-The Quiz
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Golden Sun-The Quiz

This is a quiz to see just how well you know Golden Sun versions 1 and 2. Good Luck!

Question 1:In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, who is your starting character?
Piers (aka Picard)

Question 2:In Golden Sun, who is your first party?
Felix, Jenna, Sheba
Isaac, Garet, Ivan
Jenna, Mia, Sheba
Ivan, Piers(Picard), and Isaac
Isaac, Garet, Jenna

Question 3:Which of these pairs of people are siblings?
Ivan and Hamma; Garet and Jenna
Jenna and Garet; Mia and Piers (Picard)
Jenna and Felix; Mia and Alex
Jenna and Felix; Ivan and Hamma

Question 4:How do you obtain the Venus Djinn in Vault?
Ringing the bell and leaving the Town, then coming back
Mind Reading the dog and giving him a bone
Throwing bones at the Djinn
Getting Ivan to Mind Read the Djinn
There is a secret portal in the Inn, you need Reveal for it

Question 5:In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, after you get through the Sea Of Time, who is the boss you have to fight before entering Lemuria?

Question 6:In Golden Sun, at the top of the Venus Lighthouse, after it gets lit, who falls off and in what order?
Sheba then Felix
Felix then Sheba
Sheba then Ivan
Felix and then Isaac
Alex and then Kraden

Question 7:What are Mia's feelings toward Alex?
She hates his guts
She is in love with him
She is his sister
She doesn't know him
She respects him as an ally

Question 8:In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, in Madra(I think -_-),Who teases Jenna about her crush on Isaac?
Piers (Picard)

Question 9:What is Sheba's excuse for joining Felix's party/quest?
She is madly in love with Felix and does not want to be left on Idjema
She feels that its the only way to get back to Lalivero
She longs for adventure
She wants to meet Ivan
She feels that it's her destiny

Question 10:From Golden Sun: The Lost Age- In which lighthouse does Felix's party meet Issac's, and then later join up with him?
Jupiter Lighthouse
Mars Lighthouse
Venus Lighthouse
Mercury Lighthouse
They meet up with Issac's party?!

Question 11:If you upload a Silver password into Golden Sun: The Lost Age, what does it give you?
Djinn, Levels
Djinn, Levels, Stats, Items, Coins
Djinn, Levels, Stats
Djinn, Stats, Coins,
Djinn, Levels, Items

Question 12:Which of these Elements doesn't have a rock named after it? (Air's rock, etc)
They all have a rock
Mars (Fire)
Jupiter (Wind)
Venus (Earth)
Mercury (Water)

Question 13:If you upload data from the original Golden Sun into GS: The Lost Age, someone gives you a Golden Ring in Champa and tells you to give it to Isaac. Who is it?

Question 14:When you gather the 3 pieces of the trident in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, where do you find them?
The Ankhol Ruins, Tundaria Tower, and Lemuria
Tundaria Tower, The Shrine of the Sea God, and The Ankhol Ruins
The Shrine of the Sea God, The Ankhol Ruins and the Venus Lighthouse
Tundaria Tower, The Shrine of the Sea God, and Lemuria

Question 15:When the people of Madra capture Piers (Picard) where do they think he's from?

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