Gta: Vice City Quiz
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Gta: Vice City Quiz

Take this quiz to determine you knowledge of GTA:VC.

Question 1:The Walton is a:
Cargo Truck
Sports Car

Question 2:What do you get after collecting 80 hidden packages?
Sea Sparrow
Rocket Launcher
The Malibu

Question 3:Where is 8-balls bomb shop located?
Washington Beach
Vice Port
Vice Point
Ocean Beach
Little Havana

Question 4:In which mission can you get Romero's Hearse?
Keep Your Friends Close
Two Bit Hit
Hit the Courier
Jury Fury

Question 5:Avery Carrington is in a commercial for:
The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Romero's Funeral Home
Just the 5 of Us
Shady Acres
Sissy Sprits

Question 6:Complete the Sentence: This knife killed ________ people in ___________. Now, _________ can too.
500; Germany; George Bush
25,000; Cambodia; you
89,000; Italy; you
4; New York; you
69; Mexico; you

Question 7:Which of the following characters appears in Gta 3, but not GTA:VC?
Phil Cassidy
Donald Love
Fernando Martinez

Question 8:What is the name of the starring family in "Just the 5 of us"?
The Chesterfields
The Smiths
The Bakers
The Jones'
The Vercettis

Question 9:Name two place that you can find the 1986 Kaufman Cabs calendar
Kaufman Cabs, Phils Trailer
Kaufman Cabs, Tommy's Hotel Room
Kaufman Cabs, The Pizza Place
The Pizza Place, Donut Shoppe

Question 10:Which of these cars is ONLY a convertible?

This Quiz has been designed by Ryan.