Half-Life Quiz
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Half-Life Quiz

Welcome! Are you a Half-life fan? Find out here.

Question 1:   Who is the character that you play in Half-Life?
George Freedman
Gordon Freeman
Greg Fruman
George Freeman

Question 2:   What is the official name of the briefcase carrying man?
The Administrator
Gordon Freeman
Barney Calhoun

Question 3:   What is the alien world called?

Question 4:   What is your suit called?
HEV Suit
HUV Suit
Lambda Suit
SUV Suit

Question 5:   What is the base called that the game takes place in?
Blue Mesa
Black Mesa

Question 6:   What is a Bullsquid?
A alien that lives in deep water.
An animal that helps you kill aliens.
A scientist's pet.
An alien that spits acid.

Question 7:   What is the final boss's name?

Question 8:   (A little extra knowledge) What is lambda(not in the game)?
A monster.
A city.
A French word.
A Greek letter.

Question 9:   Who was your college professor?
Dr. Cleaner
Dr. Rosenburg
Dr. Kleiner
Dr. Freeman

Question 10:   What happens at the end of the game?
You die in an explosion.
You are stuck in Xen.
The strange man offers you a job.
You leave the facility with Barney and the scientists.

This Quiz has been designed by Kyle Bagley.