Halo 2 Multiplayer

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If you know your Halo 2 multiplayer - Take this quiz and test your knowledge!

  • 1
    At the base in Zanzibar: What instruction is given on the open gate panel if the system does not restart?
  • 2
    On Containment: There are 2 things drawn in the ring - What are the 2 things?
  • 3
    On Lockout: How many exploding barrels are there?

  • 4
    For custom games, what is NOT one of the options in the "Quick Options" menu?
  • 5
    How can you check to see who has host?
  • 6
    On Warlock: Which of the following is not a color of one of the bases?

  • 7
    At the beginning of a regular slayer game, what is the text at the bottom of the screen?
  • 8
    How many 3 shot bursts can you get out of a full clip with the Battle Rifle?
  • 9
    In Headlong, there's a billboard with a Golden Warthog. What is not in the HOG advertisement?
  • 10
    In order to perform a 'Super Jump', you need to do all the following except...

  • 11
    On Lockout: Which level is the BR on? (default slayer)
  • 12
    What is not in the water on Beaver Creek?
  • 13
    On Ivory Tower: How long does it take the sniper rifle to respawn?
  • 14
    On Ivory Tower: Where has been a popular place to hide and snipe from?
  • 15
    On Terminal: Where is the Rocket Ammo?
  • 16
    What is the screen titled at the end of the game that displays the game results?

  • 17
    What term best describes the map Backwash?
  • 18
    What map does Bungie use the following words to describe? "This sanctuary now rings with the sound of combat - the end of the ancient duality of the Covenant is truly at hand."
  • 19
    Burial Mounds: What items spawn at the 'Nipples'?
  • 20
    What is said to be on the top of Burial Mounds?

  • 21
    What won't happen when you attempt to Super Jump?
  • 22
    On Sanctuary: At which base is the water running?
  • 23
    On Ascension: What item is NOT between the Banshee Ramp and the Big Base?
  • 24
    What is the green area on Turf called?
  • 25
    What is a default Team Snipers Map?

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